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We have more than 5 million members in siliconindia community. Some of the members are :
Christopher Juneau
Senior Director Marketing, Asia Pacific, Concur Technologies
Christopher has been with Concur for over 10 years, and currently heads marketing for Concur’s suite of c... more>>
Shyam Sundar Znwar
Managing Director, Alacurity Services, Holding Pvt Ltd
Shyam Sundar Znwar wields exceptional acumen for Cross Border M&A, Alliances & JV formation, PE Fund Raisin... more>>
Garima Sinha
Garima has over 10 years of proven brand management, business development, marketi... more>>
Divya Purnaiya
Divya is a marketing expert with over 10 years of experience in marketing. She hea... more>>
Subrata Basu
Subrata Basu is currently working as an associate Vice President Marketing at Nitc... more>>
Khaja  Rayeesuddin
The challenging itself in implementing & bring the cost as low as to be in market for a long time., as of these days, the currency fluctuates and at same the&... more>>
Vinay Gopinath
Head Marketing & Sales, Pan India Food
A versatile and enthusiastic Marketing & Sales professional with leader ship qualities and experi... more>>
Raghottama  Koppar
Online Marketing Manager, Koppar Branding Solutions
I think apart from certifications, a strong background both theoretically and practically is impo... more>>
Chaitra Pallavi R. S
General Manager, Marketing Communications, Unilog Content Solutions
A passionate and focused professional with over 13 years of exposure and experience in Mass Commu... more>>
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