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Vimarshana Academy Of Learning

VimarshanaAcademy of Learningprovides training in Telecom, Wireless and embedded technologies for thoseaspiring for a career as developers, programmers, testers and system designers.

Vimarshana has specialized training programs for generic telecomsystem testing, mobile handset testing anddevelopment, L2/L3 protocolsdevelopment and testing, embeddedsystems design and development.

Vimarshana has created and delivered corporate induction programs, foundation and advanced technology programs. The programs have been designed tobuild and develop skills in programming, tools and platforms.

Vimarshana Academy is steered by experienced technologyprofessionals with over 100 years of cumulative experience leadingR&D, product design and development, qualityassurance, operations,business development and strategic management teams.

Our program contents areendorsed by technology solutionproviders Sasken and Teleca. Thesehave been delivered to over 1000 participants in product and technologycompanies Sasken, Wipro, IBM, Kyocera, Honeywell , Aztecsoft , Accenture, Quest Telecom,Evolving System and many more.

Vimarshana Academy specializes in

·   Certification Programs for Individuals

o       Diploma in Telecom &Wireless Development: C, Datastructures, Introduction to OS & Unix System,OOPS,C++,Foundation in Telecom, Datacom, Wireless, 2G and 3G withproject on Mobilehandset simulation, protocol simulation, BMS, NMS

o       Diploma in Embedded SystemDesign : C,Datastructures, Introduction to OS & Unix system, OOPS, C++, Advancedprogramming concepts  &Foundation inEmbedded Systems, Real Time System, ARM core architecture,Building &Porting 0f Linux, developing a Linux device driver withProject on Designing anOS on ARM and Device Driver

o       Certification in Telecom &Wireless Testing:Overview of Unix System, Scripting languages, Exposure to testing tool-QTP,TTCN, Foundation in Telecom, Datacom, Wireless, 2G and 3G withProject inTelecom Test Simulation.

·   Customized corporate inductionprograms for telecom, wireless and embedded developers and testers.

·   Foundation and Advanced programs in

o       Telecom Signaling protocols, procedures and common scenarios– MFR2, SS7, ISDN, xDSL

o       Telecom Circuit Switchingand Stored Program Control – Signalingand Access Gateways

o       Transmission systems – Analog and Digital Modulation, Multiplexing, Satellite and Terrestrial Radio transmission, SONET, ATM,SDH

o       Multimedia CodecsDigital Signal Processing for voice,audio, image and video codecs

o       Data communication L2/L3/L4 protocols, procedures and common scenarios – TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, DNS, ARP, RARP,RIP, OSPF, ICMP, IGMP, BGP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, RTP, RTCP, HDLC, SNMP

o       GSM Radio Access Network and GSM Core Network

o       GSM L2/L3/L4 protocols, procedures and commonscenarios – LAPD(m), MTP2, MTP3, RR, MM,CM, SCCP, TCAP, ISUP, MAP, BSSMAP, DTAP, INAP, CAMEL.

o       GPRS L2/L3/L4 protocols, procedures and commonscenarios – RLC, MAC, LLC, SNDCP, BSSGP,GTP, GMM, SM, PDCP, BMC

o       CDMA Radio Access Network and CDMA Core Network – IS95, CDMA2000

o       3G UMTS Radio Access Networks and UMTS Core Networks

o       UMTS L2/L3/L4 protocols, procedures and commonscenarios – RLC, MAC, LLC, SNDCP, SCTP,M3UA, RANAP, RNSAP, RRM, ALCAP, AAL2, AAL5, BICC, RTP, GTP-U, GTP-C, GMM, SM,SMS, QoS

o       Wireless LAN 802.11PHY FHSS, DSSS, OFDM, PLCP, MAC, Network Topologies, Mesh Networks,CAP, IAPP, RSNA

o       Software Engineering, ProductDevelopment and Quality Processes

·   Programming Competence and Excellence

o       Data structures and Algorithms

o       Programming in C and C++

o       Programming for portability anddebug ability,

o       Unix System Programming

o       Scripting using Shell, TCL/TK,Perl

·   Tools and Platforms

o       OMAP3530 development platform for ARM and DSP

o       Android application environment

o       Embedded Linux

Vimarshana Academy provides thefollowing services

·   Placements to trained engineers in theTelecom & Embedded companies

·   Training for domain readiness, project readiness and programreadiness

·   Developand deliver customized training modules for capabilityaugmentation ofdevelopers, testers, designers, architects and technical leads

Contact Us :

Vimarshana Academy of Learning Pvt Ltd.,
401,4th Floor, Krishna Grand, Outer Ring Road, Marthahalli Junction, AboveSyndicate bank, Marathahalli, Bangalore 560037; Karnataka; India
Mobile : 9845694117 / Tel: +91 80 25400218 / 65681810
Courses offered
Diploma in Telecom & Wireless Development  Embedded System Design 
Certification in Telecom & Wireless Testing 

Vimarshana Academy has been partnered with Wipro and Sasken for Training & Recruitment of Software Developers and Testers

Process for Sasken : ( Resourcing)
Vimarshana Academy conducts written test for Engineering candidates from ECE,Telecom & CS background from 2009 & 2010 batch. Candidates to clear written test, technical & Hr round and enroll for the Embedded Training Program by paying a training fee of Rs. 30,000 (In Installment). After completion of training and accepting the offer letter from sasken Rs.15, 000 will be refunded to the candidate. Candidates will be employed at Saken communication as Software Engineer with a start salary of 2.75 lacs.

Process For Wipro (Outsourcing & Resourcing)
Candidates go through a Testing program for a period of 2 months by paying fee of Rs.20,000/- on software testing/telecom testing. After successful completion of the course candidates are recruited by Wipro Ltd or are outsourced to Wipro by Vimarshana Academy.