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iKompass Learning Solutions

In keeping with Aristotle's famous words ("Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach." - Aristole), we at iKompass have DONE for many years, in the fields of Quality Management (Six Sigma), Project Management, Sales Management, General Management and Operations Management across industries such as Information Technology, Banking, Call Centers and Telecommunications. From over a decade of experience in the above areas, we have understood what it takes to not just perform, but to excel at everything that we attempt in our different roles. As we all know, this is not an easy mission, but the silver lining is that it CAN be done. Having had the privilege of working in these diverse environments, we bring to our services this very UNDERSTANDING of the complex maze that is corporate life. Our courses have that slice-of-life characteristic, which makes them extremely applicable to all walks of life. Often we find that too much emphasis is placed on the 'technical' expertise required to excel in the workplace. In keeping with our holistic approach to learning, we place an equal amount of importance to the 'human' element. We have people on our team with extensive experience in this area. Armed with degrees in Counseling and Psychology, our experts have applied studies in human behavior  to the workplace. A few of our teams' credentials include PMP® (Project Management Professional),  PgMP® (Program Management Professional).  Post Graduate Degrees in Sales and Marketing, ITIL, and many technical certifications.

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