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Fore Transcription
Medical Transcription Training

A well transcribed Medical document or a badly transcribed one is simply a reflection of the individual capabilities of different MTs. What differentiates a good MT from a bad one is a good command over the English language, sound Medical Knowledge, the ability to grasp medical terminology, the ability to use logic and reasoning during the process of transcription, a high level of interest in the job and the initiative to do it right. But all of this without proper inputs during the training process will still leave the MT lacking in many respects when he/she begins actual transcription activity. At the same time the initial screening process must be elaborate enough to ensure that only the right candidate is selected. A training program must thoroughly prepare an MT not just in theoretical aspects but also to function in actual work environments.

We have a training program that addresses these issues and is meant solely for our in-house requirements, both to provide refresher courses for our existing MTs as well as to replenish the capacity available at our facility and to augment further growth.

With this in-house training program, we are able to recruit fresh young people and train them with the inputs needed to be a good MT. It addresses the inadequacies of courses designed for remote education of independent
      In-house training program helps the company:     
      »     Achieve organic and controlled growth
      »     Impart quality training     
      »     Sensitize trainees to HIPAA     
      »     Pre-empt attrition related issues     

transcriptionists and looks closely at the requirements of MTs working in teams at large establishments. English language experts conduct classes in American English Usage and Medical Doctors conduct classes in Medical theory and language.
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