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Veda Solutions

An inspired effort by a group of young Linux enthusiasts headed by Mr Raghu Bharadwaj, saw the inception of Veda solutions in the year 2001 and later in to a Professional Software Training and Consulting firm in the year 2003. Since then vibrant team Veda, driven by its passion to work and succeed has embraced the true essence and values of Linux in delivering high-end training solutions to the corporate and the academic world.

Our core services include technical consulting and expert level trainings. Our deep technical expertise have attracted clients which includes OEMs, Telecom majors, FPGA & Semiconductor companies, Defense establishments and more. Our acceptance as a technical service provider by the corporate world in such a short period goes to showcases our technical faculty and deep domain expertise on Linux and related areas.


Reasons to choose a professional Linux service provider

  • System Software development issues on Linux related to understanding the Linux Kernel and its customization
  • Porting or Rewriting applications on to Linux from other platforms
  • Time consuming and head banging integration and customization of Open Source code to meet your project requirements.
  • Compatibility issues relating to source codes when ported on to different Linux kernel versions like 2.4 to 2.6.x
  • Specific issue based problems creeping up when developing home grown applications on Linux
  • Enable your human resource to tackle core technical challenges on Linux
  • New to Linux which makes things extremely challenging



Now, if you come across any of these problems then Veda Solutions' Linux based training and consulting services could just be what you are looking for. A hassle free way to erase these problems and hasten your growth.


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