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SineCosTan SCT

Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”- Zig Ziglar

These are not just words to flaunt but an epitome on which this organization dwells.

SCT provides high class quality education with sustained consistency by the help of well organized activity and enthusiasm for the betterment of your potential. All this comes along with open communication and discussion where learning is fun and the efficacy of your principle is fully accomplished. SCT has QA forums, doubt sessions where you can freely discuss your issues and have a crystal clear understanding of the subject.


SCT’s vision is to provide finest educational facilities conjoint with abundant learning opportunities which not only accelerate the brain but also provide a wide scope for creation and innovation all at an affordable cost.


Education is everyone’s right and SCT strives to globally expand it and make it available to one and all. We achieve this by endeavouring a friendly atmosphere with apt knowledge of the subject along with good practise to ensure that you become a master of it.


The application of currently available web technology provides us the scope of the conducting training for anybody from any part of world. Thus traditional concept of learning; where trainers and trainees, all have to available at the same physical place at the same time, can be avoided. A Candidate can get the training from any part of the world such as home, coffee houses, office, library or even Internet cafes subject to availability of minimal set of equipments like Internet connection and a PC or Laptop.

Our Trainer from SCT end will start up the session and candidate at other end will be in position to view the live screen of trainer and more over trainer will be available over voice connection as well. So candidate will not only listen the voice of trainer who is giving instruction but also will be able to view the action what trainer is performing on his computer system.

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