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Wireless telecom today is an industry catering to the demands of hundreds of nations, thousands of organisations and billions of customers worldwide. Yet there are few who look beyond IT for career of high profile and steady growth. Thankfully, the few who look beyond feel proud of selecting ireless telecommunications as a career that offers skilled engineering jobs with some of the biggest corporates. What’s more, they are grateful the competition is far less in telecom and hence, growth much faster, prospects much brighter.

Sim-Tech is India's foremost and renowned institute offering courses in Mobile Technology. Qualitative and job oriented courses, in accordance with the requirements of telecom Industry are offered.The outcome of a collective vision of telecom experts, it possesses a rich experience in the world of Telecommunication.

Sim-Tech courses ensure employment and self employment opportunities for candidates in some of the best telecom majors. The faculty and consultants are best in their segment, enriched with years of training experience and total (theoretical and practical) knowledge of the industry.
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