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Shymala Systems Pvt Ltd
About Medical Transcription Training

We have been in the Medical Transcription training area for little less than a decade.We have been a source of trained medical resources for the Medical Transcription field the leading BPO operators of Bangalore, which naturally includes the major who-is who of the Medical Transcription world wide.

During the training we insist the candidates have work-on experience.The on-job-training which is provided helps the candidate acquire all the necessary skills required, and also helps the candidate to address their respective shortcomings.

It has hence been felt that consequent to getting work for our training recruits, it makes it ideal that we become a center for production as well. Hence we have over the past 9 months have started our production activities in medical transcription.

Regarding the infrastructure, we have ample space for 25 systems. A technical team is in place because their services are required for the software development also which has been our mainstay. Our production team is in place and is being headed by a person with 10 years of experience in the medical transcription sector from one of the well known and leading medical transcription company of India.

With these potentials at hand, we are making efforts to procure additional work directly from the clients in the US. We assure the best quality and practices of the medical transcription fraternity including HIPAA.
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