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Sanghvi Infotech
IHT Ltd. is a premier computer educational institution in the countryoffering high quality and cost-effective professional training. Ourendeavor has been to engage in Quality Computer Education and to renderever-satisfactory service to the IT community and there by the Indiansociety profitably. The principle business of the company is theprovision of IT training in computer Hardware and Networking to meetthe ultimate needs of the student community and the corporate sector.


    * Object-Oriented Application Analysis & Design for Java Tech (UML)
    * Java Programming Language for Non-Programmers
    * Migrating to OO Programming with Java Technology
    * Java Technology for Structured Programmers
    * Sun Java Programming Language
    * JavaBeans Component Development
    * Java Programming Language Workshop-Connecting to Network Database Server
    * Distributed programming with Java - JDBC, CORBA, RMI
    * Implementing Java Security + Cryptography
    * Beyond CGI-Developing Java Servlets
    * JavaServer Pages
    * GUI Construction with Java FoundationClasses
    * Enterprise Java Beans Programming
    * Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL

     * Database Management Basics
    * Restricting & Sorting Data.
    * Displaying Data from Multiple Tables.
    * Aggregating Data by Using Group Functions.
    * Producing Redable Output with iSQL*Plus
    * Manipulating Data using Data Manipulation Language
    * Creating & Managing Tables
    * Manipulating Data using Views.
    * Other Database Objects.
      - Creating, Maintaining, & Using Sequences, Indexes
    * Controlling User Access
    * Oracle 9i Date Time Functions
    * Advanced Subqueries
    * Hierarchical Retrieval
    * Oracle9i Extensions to DML & DDL Statements.

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