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PLC Automation Training

In today's world the teaching methodology plays an important role. We at ACS know it well and have developed lots of tools so that in less time we can give you lots of information. For you we have developed 50 PLC Automation examples animation's covering various industrial applications , 120 PLC topic animation's , 300 Questions and Ans , and Ladder simulator through which you can simulate the Ladder logic without PLC.

We lay a high focus on practical training and use all the modern tools of teaching like special slides , industrial applications DVDs , CDs and we have various Audio-Video aids which makes our teaching more clearer and simpler to our participants.

The training imparted by ACS is highly interactive wherein the topics are discussed amongst participants to enable them to refresh the basic knowledge of the subject. There are also tests conducted routinely for gauging the performance .

In addition to improving the existing technical skills, our training provides additional benefits like building self confidence. , reducing the fears and anxieties , providing a wider perspective and instilling team spirit to ensure success .

Why is training necessary 

India is one of the fastest developing countries and is recognized worldwide for its high pool of trained manpower . Technology is rapidly changing and new products are emerging. The usage of automation has increased more than ten fold in each industry for them to compete globally. 

The present young generation of engineers is intelligent and ready to work hard. Unfortunately, they are not sufficiently exposed to actual industrial environment. Moreover, the present education system lacks a great deal in imparting basic and fundamental knowledge and practical aspects of engineering.We at ACS intend to share our expertise developed over many years to fill this void by imparting practical aspects of engineering and exposing engineers to the latest state of art equipments. This will make them absolutely competent enough to take on any challenge .It will also help in preparing them for good job opportunities .

Our training programmes are aimed at building self-confidence in the young engineers entering the profession and are also intended for professionals already working in industries but lacking this special knowledge. The Professionals who are already working in the industry need to constantly upgrade their skills ,improve their efficiency levels so that their performance level is at a satisfactory stage which will in turn boost their career growth.

Our trainings are a must for companies who want to minimize dependance on the supplier of automation systems

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