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Novellsoft Technologies
With a 22 year pedigree in software training, Novellsoft an organization that understands the stringent requirements of business and is committed to meet those exacting standards.
We employ people who are at the cutting edge of both technology and business, with the ability to seize upon a business problem and deploy the appropriate technology, in a cost effective manner for the benefit of our client. What is inherent in each of our tasks is the ability to understand the underlying issue and to be able to address it in a manner that delivers maximum value to our client.

Courses offered:

  • Small Class Sizes - increased interaction with lecturer
  • Hands-on - increased learning efficiency
  • Training Environment - modern, air-conditioned classrooms
  • Course Notes - up-to-date, plain English, excellent reference material
  • Training Experience - friendly, personal service
  • Reflective lights which limit eye strain
City : Chennai
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