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Namrata Infotech

Namrata Nursing Home was established in 1969 to cater to maternity services in the western suburb of Andheri. With the advent of Information Technology in medical sciences, it was decided by the board of directors to diversify into an I.T. Enabled Service. Thus Namrata Infotech, a subsidiary of Namrata Nursing Home was established in May, 2001.Namrata Infotech imparts training in the field of Medical Transcription. Under the able guidance of well qualified and experienced doctors, students are given special attention and rigorous training to make them into thorough Medical Transcriptionists.The subject is made interesting and the teaching environment friendly enough such that students have good rapport with the teachers who are themselves qualified doctors, who take a keen interest in every student and inculcate in them the basic knowledge of transcription and help them to grasp the technicalities of this complex subject.MT training at Namrata Infotech is a dedicated teamwork whose most important key is to fulfill its commitment and to help build a strong organization.Thus, a plentiful supply of reading assignments, wide terminology exercises in medicine and instructions shall give you a highly paid global career, turning you into a complete and experienced MT professional.  

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