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Management Scholars Academy

Our mission

MS Academy is founded with a mission

To instill the ‘nuances in the art of management' and the ‘formulas in the science of management' in project leads and thus develop outstanding managerial talent that helps Indian corporate excel in the global market.

Our strategy

With rapid growth in IT, infrastructure, healthcare, banking and so on, the complexity and the volume of projects being carried out offshore has also dramatically increased. While the tools and techniques for improving productivity and quality have been at the focus of everyone’s attention, there is a growing realization that professionals managing the projects or process for the first-time are often not adequately equipped with managerial skills necessary to perform their roles. The best engineers or programmers evolve into team leaders and project managers, with only minimal training in project management. MS Academy will design and deploy an exclusive project management leadership program for your organization with measurable improvement in management competency. At the end of our program your PMs will be able to

  • ·         to manage the projects professionally and

  • ·         to handle clients, team members, senior management, shareholders and society with confidence

We will bring out the star managers dormant in your brilliant engineers and smart programmers.

Our promise

MS Academy seeks to empower individuals and companies to turn projects and challenges into opportunities for growth and productivity. We not only provide training solutions in project managements and people skills, but provide additional help through mentoring, blogs, seminars, newsletters, consulting and so on. You can rest assured that you will receive complete dedication to quality and consistent commitment to high standards in all of our services.

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