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Karma Institute of Computers and Languages
Tools4domains.com your source for expired domains
We Processes the dropping domains from:
We find the best expired domains that are available:
Domains containing .com
4 letter domains:
CVCV example (lele.com)
CVVC example (leel.com)
Additional domain characteristics we look for:
Three letter domains
Single dictionary words example:storms.com
Domains containg dictionary words or some slang example:cssdesign.com contains:css design
Domains need to have additional characteristics to be considered a quality domain:
The words making up the domain contain Search word terms, example:JavaPro.com contains java pro
History: A reasonably sized history in www.archive.org
If the the dash version of the domain is registered example domain:bestscore.com turns into best stores which has a history at archive.org
** This process still requires someone to review the domains that are considered the best and decide which one to order
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