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Infobit Technologies
Infobit Technologies is a leader in the high end, latest technologies IT education industry. Established in the year 1999, Infobit has providing Training on major global software vendors including Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cisco. many others to deliver a comprehensive offering of courses.
Information Technology is fast becoming the nerve center of any organization and from a global perspective, India has enormous strengths in terms of its skilled workforce, robust education system and responsive markets. As part of the globalization process, companies the world over are integrating themselves with the world economy; they are increasingly using the latest technologies to improve quality, enhance employee productivity as well as increase customer satisfaction.
Organizations continue to upgrade, standardize and integrate their systems to develop and sustain their competitive edge. This has generated a huge demand for qualified and well trained professionals. We at Infobit are in the business of equipping professionals with the tools they need to become dynamic contributors to the organizations they run.
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