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iACT programs and content is among the best in the country. The content is developed by practicing professionals and as a result is very practical. Participants have the option of interacting with our experts online to clear doubts or attend the program at a study centre.

iACT training programs are also the most economical programs across the globe. This is because of the following reasons:

  • The training programs have been developed for a global audience and hence the cost of these programs is spread across a much larger number of participants as compared to any other training company
  • The training material has been developed centrally for professionals & students across the globe. Hence the cost is lowered by economies of scale

iACT training programs also provide significant convenience to participants. They can take the training from the study centres or in the comfort of their homes as the entire world class training programs are accessible on the Internet. They can also do both. For instance, participants can first take the training in e-learning mode. Once they have gone through the training program and if they believe that additional trainer support is required, they can enrol for the study centre based program after paying the additional fee as applicable. IACT also has an alliance with one of India's leading professional networking & jobs website with over 500,000 members. There are over 1,000 recruiters on the partner website wherein job postings are made on a daily basis. All participants that undergo training and certifications with us receive preferential treatment on our partner site. As a result their profiles are placed "first" in front of recruiters and they are more likely to receive job offers as compared to other candidates.

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