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GENOHELIX  BIOLABS (Formerly JIVAS) was established in the year 1998 with the objective of providing need- based and affordable quality training in the different disciplines of life science . It was a vision of a true forerunner; Dr. R Chenraj Jain, Chairman of Jain Group of Institutions (JGI) who kindled the thought for need based education.

Young and vibrant minds are made mundane by piling up of mere theory rather than practice. In such a scenario, Genohelix has taken a different route to embark upon quality training. This centre recognizes the needs of Industries and supplies them with the talent nursed and groomed by the experienced professionals.

Bridging the gap between Industry and academia is the focal point of all efforts at Genohelix. The industry relevant approach is also the primary vision that circumscribes the implementation of every training and related activities.

The technical team of Genohelix comprises of professionals endowed with a blend of industrial skills, research experience and teaching flavor.  

The rapidly mechanizing and high tech areas of life sciences require an equally advanced infrastructure which is clearly evident in our state of the art laboratories. Our lab equipments amount to a level which exceeds training capabilities to touch and excel in the next realm of research activities and contract research for clients.

Our labs are equipped with instruments like 3 litre fermenter, HPLC, Thermal Cycler, Liquid Chromatography system, Automated 7 Sampler UV Visible Spectrophotometer, ELISA Microplate Reader and Washer, Gel Documentation System, Level II Biosafety Cabinets, Pilot Shaker Incubators, Millipore Water Purification System, Ultra cool Centrifuges, Deep Freezers, Protein and DNA Electrophoresis units, apart from all the required basic laboratory instruments.

GENOHELIX has an excellent library with over 2000 books, journals, periodicals, ebook collection and CD ROM based data bases built with special care to give the best study ambience. It is truly a knowledge paradise for students with a thirst for intellectual nourishment.

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