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FatBalloon Academy

FatBalloon Academy is an extended wing of FatBalloon Animation Studio.

We, at FatBalloon believe that the best training can happen only in a studio environment. To offer the aspirant "an old school" method of learning where the senior artist mentors the student assessing his strong and weak points is what we intend to bring. We work on the philosophy that animation is a predominant art form which needs a specialized training and “WHO YOU LEARN FROM” is more important than "where you learn".

  • FatBalloon Academy is a place by the animation artists who has made their passion as the business.
  • We humbly boast of highly skilled and specialized senior artists with working experience in the top studios across India and abroad.
  • We have a passion to teach and to give back the knowledge we have acquired from our mentors across the globe and our seniors in studios.
  • We approach training with a principle that a good amalgamation of art and software is essential to succeed in 3d Animation.
  • In a nutshell, our business differs from others in this way.

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