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Now all days every one has multiple accounts on different networking sites like twitter , facebook , google buzz or salesforce , so they have to install them all and login in them differently.This can cause pain for a user. Seesmic is answer to your pain.Seesmic android app runs on all android devices.Seesmic android app can take care of your all networking account at same time. Just provide account information in this app and it will handle evrything. Seesmic will provide you notification , messeges from all your account. You can share photos , pictures , videos through Seesmic alone for all network ids.You can also use location service of any of your fevorite service like Twitpic , Pilxi ,Yfrog and more. Seesmic also have a widget so that you can have a common screen to get all notification and messges from different accounts. Seesmic is very simple to use and is very fast. Seesmic also runs in background, if you are busy in call ,or playing some thing else on your device , seesmic will keep working in background and provide you instant msg or notification from all your accouts.
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