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ApnaIndia.com, an India centric social utility platform, is not just a virtual community that facilitates the people to make connections and friends, but a multifaceted portal that offers utility based informative services comprising yellow pages, classifieds, free SMS, geographic information, and entertainment updates. Social Networking is just a prelude on ApnaIndia.com. Trust and internet privacy, which are the major concerns in the web space, specifically in social networking, are adequately secured through ApnaIndia’s methodologies.

Akin to any other social networking interface, the core stimuli on ApnaIndia.com take in interaction, exchange of ideas, sustaining relationships, sharing photos and videos, manifesting a large social set of connections, publicizing testimonials, documenting occasions, as well sending confidential communications. However the portal while emphasizing the importance of flow of social communication it also focuses other utility based services like yellow pages and classifieds.

Combining social networking site attributes in online classified ads with local yellow pages would offer advantages, for instance, enhancing communication and developing interface, advancing dependence levels, mounting deals, improving revenue generation, fortifying relationships in both business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) segments. ApnaIndia.com’s model of espousing social networking services in business world would generate a noteworthy influence on commerce domain as social networks facilitate business people to be in contact with their clients universally to provide them devoid of any impediment. And such model would be more advantageous for businesses that vend and procure outcomes by letting clients to conduct instantaneous and synchronized correspondence with their counterparts.

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