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Anash clinical research solutions

Anash clinical research solutions is a group of experienced and dedicated investigators and clinical research professionals to conduct smooth and ethical clinical trial in India. We offer wide range of services in clinical research to investigators, contract research organizations (C.R.O.) and sponsor pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at effective cost.

In current scenario, average cost for developing a new drug is approximately $600-800 million that is growing at an average rate of 4.6% per year and the time required is 12-15 years. Only 21.5% of drugs that begin phase I human trials are eventually approved for marketing. Given this climate, drug companies are looking for cost-saving measures.

Our goal is to speed up the lengthy clinical trial procedure in compliance with the guidelines of the respective regulatory authorities like US-FDA, EMEA, DCGI, MHRA, MHLW, MCC, ANVISA etc.

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