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Ahimsa Women's Polytechnic
Since time immemorial women have a very special status in the society. She plays a very important role. Her contribution in various fields starting from house, overall development and grooming of the children, in socio-economic growth, in political spheres towards nation building, can not be under estimated. Notwithstanding the status and the contributions being made by the women folk, their position still remains vulnerable in our society. No doubt our country has come a long way since independence and has made progress on various fronts, yet a lot remains to be done for the upliftment of the women.

Appreciating the need for economic independence and the pivotal role women play in raising the standard of living of a vast strata of our society, AHIMSA WOMEN'S POLYTECHNIC was established way back in 1985, The institute was founded by His Holiness Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj, a world renowned personality, a great visionary, highly devoted to the cause and well-being of women in the society.

AHIMSA WOMEN'S POLYTECHNIC is providing career-oriented education to the women so as to equip them with requisite, qualification and training. This will enable them either to take up a gainful employment or start their own enterprise and become self-sufficient. The Institute is located in the heart of the city and is well connected from all over Delhi. It has adequate infrastructure to cater to the needs of courses being offered including a full-fledged library and computer lab. The Institute is presently running various Diploma programs and Hobby Course of varied duration. The Courses have accreditation / recognition from the Govt, of India. Efforts are afoot to obtain recognition / accreditation of some more courses. The achievements so far, have been possible due to an inspiring and able leadership of our Management Committee, comprising of highly educated successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

AHIMSA WOMEN'S POLYTECHNIC is totally alive to the needs and aspirations of the student community and keeps itself abreast of the changes taking place on the industrial front of the country.

AHIMSA WOMEN'S POLYTECHNIC has trained, competent and highly dedicated faculty to impart theoretical as well as practical training to the students, Regular involvement of the expert outside faculty from reputed institutions and organizations help in improving the quality and gives wider exposure to the students. AHIMSA WOMEN'S POLYTECHNIC is more than giving lectures. Extra curricular activities help the students in improving their horizon and vision.

The Institute has good rapport with other Organisations and sponsors their students of various courses for training to these reputed organizations. The Institute is committed to provide quality vocational and technical education to its students, so as to boost their morale and instill new confidence to prepare them to accept the challenges of life and put their best foot forward in the march to success for betterment of their lot.

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