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The upcoming career in Game Designing

Now-a-days gaming is coming like anything .There are lot of scope over here like Gaming is now used at Bank's , for marketing , for education, to improve the IQ etc . Mobile gaming, i-Phone Gaming and Social Gaming is the next gen future .One can start his or her career as a gaming artist, game developer, game taster , game de-coder, porting etc .
Not only youth gaming is popular to old age people too. People fell relaxed when they play games , the game is a kind of challenge to them as well as they become addicted to the games as it improves the IQ level of any person .It's a proven fact .It show's the inner beauty of a person , while playing games like cityville or firmville you shall see the kind of person you are , how you develop your own firm or city .

There is a lot of scope, regarding entrepreneurship the opportunity is huge , one can start from anywhere in the world on game development .  Regarding the jobs , there are lot of gaming companies in India , specially in Mobile gaming and social media gaming , and the gap is huge as there is a Darth in game designers or developers .In next few years there will be lot of demand for game developers , game art people and proper game designers .There are institutes who only teaches multimedia and modeling not gaming or related things .  

VirtualInfoCom - is a sincere attempt on part of a few committed professionals in the field of Animation, game design, game development and Digital Art Media. This industry focus sets us apart from others in this field.

VirtualInfoCom (VIC), incorporated as digital design institute since 2000. For last several years VirtualInfoCom  have produced more than 5,795 hardcore skilled designers most of them are working with some of the most renowned animation studios, multimedia houses, e-learning companies, national dailies, game development companies, mobile apps, web design firms etc.

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