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November-2002  issue
On The Cover
Author: Karthik Sundaram
IN THE EARLY EIGHTIES, when the rest of the world was just waking up to the thought of owning PCs, Ajay Chopra went off to Switzerland to work with a Zurich-based watchmaker to design a computer mouse. Today, he is the co-founder and... more>>
Cover Feature
Ravin Agrawal
AS A LOS ANGELES-BASED VENTURE INVESTOR whose limited partners are primarily out of the media industry, I have been both amused... more>>
Richard Ridlen
AS VIDEOGAMES TOOK THEIR FIRST FEW steps on Earth, they were emerging from garages, basements, and rooms occupied by a few guys... more>>
Rahul Chandran & Venkat Ramana
TRADITIONALLY, GOING TO THE MOVIES MEANS munching on popcorn and whispering messages in the dark. But if major studios like... more>>
Personal Finance
siliconindia Staff Writer
WHO: RAJESH CHELAPURATH, investment analyst at Stark Capital, a division of Burnham Asset Management ($700 million in assets).... more>>
si Readers
Singh’s Strategies Not Convincing Air Cmdr. Jasjit Singh's article highlights some of the strategic options that are... more>>
Vasanthi Sundaram
THE CAFETERIA AT DUBAI INTERNET CITY (DIC) could surely claim the prize for being the most unique food court in the world.... more>>
Rahul Chandran
TECHNICALLY, INDIA DOES not have the climate for making premium wines. But Sham Chougule is not one to be bothered by... more>>
Venkat Ramana
THE LAND OF THE MAPLE LEAF HAS ALWAYS BEEN a lure to the Indian immigrant diaspora. The first move is always to come to the... more>>
Srinivas Koushik
I WANTED TO STUDY MEDICINE AND BECOME A doctor. I suppose fate decided otherwise. While I came fifth in the Indian Central... more>>
Brenda Boudreaux
AN ABUNDANCE OF FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS, regulations, and procedures protect the legal rights of U.S. employees who sustain... more>>
Karthik Sundaram
INDER P. SINGH WAS RECENTLY NAMED THE global CIO of Visa International, the leading credit card company. “Visa is driving... more>>
Pallavi Shah
PETER PARKER, A STANFORD ALUMNUS AND A college football fan, is currently on a business trip in Boston. Peter wants to watch... more>>
Alok Saxena
INTERNET TRAFFIC IS INCREASING EVERYDAY. And with increasing traffic comes increasing network demand. With growing demand for... more>>
Venkat Ramana
DATAQUEST ANALYST, JEREMY DONOVAN, predicted last year that the security IC market appears ripe for consolidation. With many... more>>
In My Opinion
Gurcharan Das
THE STUBBORN PERSISTENCE of our software exports is a source of some embarrassment to our armchair intellectuals who have been... more>>
Karthik Sundaram
Dr. Santanu Das is the current president and CEO of TranSwitch Corporation in Shelton, Connecticut. He held several positions... more>>
In Focus
si Team
A group of entrepreneurs and professionals recently decided to jump-start Indian entrepreneurship in the U.S. by founding the... more>>
si Team
Champaign, Illinois based Intersymbol Communications, a developer and manufacturer of 10 Gbps physical layer integrated... more>>
si Team
This time, if war comes, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is BETTER equipped than ever before in air power. The IAF is armed with... more>>
si Team
Indian-born Indra Nooyi, the president and CFO of PepsiCo, is ranked No. 4 in Fortune's 50 most powerful women in America. She... more>>
Editor's Desk
Harvi Sachar
THOSE OF US WITH SMALL CHILDREN have heard this question shouted innumerable times from the backseats of vans or SUVs whenever... more>>
Last Word
Khushwant Singh
Believe it or not, this month we will be celebrating the 6006th anniversary of the birth of the human race. Who says that? No... more>>