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March-2015  issue
Cover Story
Author: Sandeepa Majumdar
The story behind Semtech's [NASDAQ:SMTC] mammoth success goes back five decades. A leading provider of analog and mixed signal semiconductors takes a leaf out of its organizational history of never succumbing to adversities. Going... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
One piece of good news: The semiconductor industry for the first time broke the $300 Bn barrier. The global semiconductor... more>>
In My Opinion
Sailesh Chittipeddi, Ph.D. - VP Global Operations & CTO, Integrated Device Technology
In recent years connected devices have sky rocketed in number. The exponential increases are such that by 2020, as we move... more>>
20 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies 2015
SI Team
The semiconductor industry came to the forefront of the technology drive with its central theory of devising electronics better... more>>
SI Team
Company Management Description... more>>
SI Team
The consumer electronics is evolving with each passing day. Smartphones, watches, fitness bands, sensors used in IoT and others... more>>
SI Team
Nurturing young minds by giving them proper guidance and providing opportunity to help them explore the realm of technology is... more>>
SI Team
Krishna Yarlagadda, President of Imagination Technologies, is a technology aficionado. An electronics and gadget enthusiast by... more>>
SI Team
The contemporary semiconductor industry has matured beyond expectations and is continuing to make a huge impact on the... more>>
SI Team
The real purpose of any organization is to work toward identifying the core challenges in the industry and deploy... more>>
SI Team
When one is serving to semiconductor companies in a niche market like EDA, there is no room for complacency. SmartDV, based out... more>>
SI Team
"Today, mobiles are not just the devices to make calls. They have turned 'smarter' loaded with exciting features from the... more>>
SI Team
We are witnessing a revolution in our life style through the augmentation in mobility, social networking, individual choices,... more>>
Debajyoti Pal -CTO & SVP, Ikanos Communications
The semiconductor landscape is proceeding towards a highly transformative state. A oneGbps speed is something not unheard of... more>>
Dr. Randhir Thakur -Executive VP & General Manager, Silicon Systems Group, Applied Materials
It is an exciting time for all of us living in the era of mobility and enabling it in various forms and functions. Our... more>>
Siddarth Sheth -VP - Networking Interconnect, Inphi
It's no secret the semiconductor industry has gone through dramatic changes in the last decade. Pick an industry's automotive,... more>>
Uday Mudoi -VP - Product Marketing, Vitesse Semiconductor
The Internet of Things (IoT) shows no sign of slowing, with more "things" than people connected to the Internet since 2008. In... more>>
Dr. Kamal Choudhary, -VP - Engineering, Achronix Semiconductor
Moore's law is slowing down because it is increasingly difficult to move from one process node to the next. Compounding this... more>>
Amit Chatterjee, EVP- Enterprise Solutions and Technology Group, CA Technologies
With Cloud adoption rates increasing steadily across both official and shadow IT, there's no question we are in the middle of a... more>>
Anil Chaudhry, VP & GM of ASIC Product Line, GigOptix
The bay area is buzzing with rising rentals and housing prices while the rest of the nation is barely coming out of the housing... more>>
Sanjay Hiranandani - VP, IT Operations, Paychex, Inc
The continual emergence and impact of various trends within the cloud space has made way for a multitude of possibilities that... more>>
Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia, Founder & Chairman, Datamatics
The growth of the Indian IT industry has seen some distractions and a sluggish movement over the past few years. Many new... more>>
Entrepreneur Corner
Naveen Bisht
This month's article brings you lessons from Rajeev Madhavan, an extraordinary entrepreneur, prolific angel investor and... more>>
VC Chakra
SI Team
Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, announced it has raised $41 million in a Series B funding round.... more>>
SI Team
Pindrop Security, the pioneer in phone fraud prevention and call center authentication for banks and enterprise call centers... more>>
In Focus
SI Team
Intel Corporation recognized 11 Indians among 40 U.S. high school seniors as finalists in the Intel Science Talent, the... more>>
SI Team
It is a big moment in the engineering community as ten distinguished Indian Americans are among the 67 incipient members and 12... more>>
SI Team
Punit Renjen, has been appointed as the next CEO of the accounting giant Deloitte Global. He is the first from the... more>>
SI Team
On 18th February, 2015, Dhanurjay 'DJ' Patil was named as the first U.S. chief data scientist, a term he helped coin. The... more>>