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June-2001  issue
Global Management
A wise businessperson once observed that startups die of indigestion not starvation. It’s a comment not about young entrepreneurs’ penchant for late-night pizza, but about the inability of young companies to maintain a strict... more>>
Cover Feature
Although numerous VLSI chip design initiatives are sprouting up at universities throughout India, the country has no... more>>
It was a difficult decision to move back to India from Silicon Valley in 1999 when the software industry was at its... more>>
Analysts and press constantly talk about a serious slowdown in the PC business and hardware spending. Have we come to a... more>>
On the PC side, machines with 1GHz or faster processors carry paltry price tags of under $1,000, a sure indication that... more>>
Fundamentally, managing technology calls for leadership qualities more than management qualities. It’s all about... more>>
But the EDA software solutions that he created and worked with over his career are, in Goel’s eyes, reaching their... more>>
In the current downturn in the technology sector, it has become fashionable to doubt the abilities of the Intels and... more>>
Wall Street View
Just a few years ago, people considered utilities and telecommunications, especially telephone company, stocks to be... more>>
Almost immediately following his inauguration, President Bush designated Michael Powell, a Republican commissioner of the... more>>
Internet infrastructure has just about kept up with the growth in traffic. Handhelds look and perform marginally... more>>
Finally, after 30 years of closed doors, whimsical operation, and little innovation, the India’s parliament opened... more>>
Her latest move is into the realm of venture capital, as a venture partner with US Venture Partners, but it's a tough... more>>
VitalLink CTO Manoj Tripathi, formerly CIO of the popular smoothie chain Jamba Juice, explains that his company targets... more>>
The story of 'Shrek' revolves around the ogre by the same name, whose happy, single life in a swamp is disturbed by the... more>>
In the summer of 1997, Raj Kaushal approached young record producers Shabbir Ahmed and Jay Kumar with an idea for a... more>>
This column builds on the previous one (siliconindia, May 2001), so you might want to refresh your memory before you... more>>
What are the most compelling sectors for investment in biotech today? There are really two kinds of companies in the... more>>
Career Advice
When Seema Gupta (name changed at the interviewee's request) lost her job as the result of layoffs at a large, East... more>>
Career Wize
It has been a challenging time. Software professionals rode the IT wave till the end of 2000, as companies offered... more>>
Legal Advice
Raising venture capital in the current markets is not what it used to be. A little more than a year ago, many... more>>
Raising venture capital in the current markets is not what it used to be. A little more than a year ago, many entrepreneurs... more>>
Sam Pitroda Column
Ten years of unprecedented growth in the US economy have created the impression, especially among young people in the high... more>>