December-2011  issue
Cover Story
Author: Hari Anil
Growing from 60 to 600 plus people in a short span of three years in an extremely mature and competitive industry sounds like a dream. Well, it all happened at SmartPlay, a technology services provider based out of U.S. and India. By mid... more>>
In My Opinion
Umesh Vaidyamath
Two decades ago, on July 4, 1990, I traveled on a plane from Mumbai to Kansas City, Kansas, in the heart of the U.S. Midwest,... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Umesh Mishra
The hot trend in the industry today is to be “not hot”. Inefficiencies in power conversion, which is ubiquitous, result in... more>>
Joanne Steinberg
According to Google estimates in March this year, more than 40 million users in India access the Internet through their mobile... more>>
Venkat Mattela
Having managed some of the most complex products in high technology areas, I strongly feel that there is no better place to... more>>
Vishwas Nair
As a child I experienced firsthand the severe effects of poverty and illiteracy, especially upon women and children. My parents... more>>
Sreehari Seetharam Sastry
In today’s dynamic marketplace, Innovation is an essential mantra to enhance business competitiveness and sustainability. A... more>>
Shashank Deshpande
It's raining Apples, Mangoes and Ice Cream Sandwiches. The Clouds are getting fuller and bigger and more varied. Winds of... more>>
Venkata Vadlamani
Earlier this year, I came across the NASSCOM’s, "Indian IT-BPO industry – FY2011 Performance & future trends" data.... more>>
si Team
There is a whole new set of startups mushrooming in the nook and corner of the Silicon Valley with the dream of finding an... more>>
Jaya Smitha Menon
Can you dream of a day when your mobile, depending on how busy you are, decides by itself whether to let it ring or reject the... more>>
Entrepreneur Corner
Team Formation is the key for an entrepreneur in commencing his journey after starting his own company. I would like to provide... more>>
View Point
Pradeep Shankar
The world has become less predictable. Things change more often than we think. In January this year if you asked someone... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Happiest Minds, an IT solution and service firm based out of Bangalore, has raised $45 Million in Series A investment. The... more>>
si Team
Salorix, a social media marketing and analytics firm developing a new platform for social media campaign management, raised... more>>
si Team
Virident, a performance leader in flash-based Storage Class Memory (SCM) solutions, today announced it has completed a $21... more>>
si Team
YuMe, an operating system provider for TV 2.0, has received a strategic investment of $12 Million from Samsung Ventures, the... more>>
In Focus
si Team
According to a new compilation of 2010 census data Indian Americans made up 18 percent of the Asian American population in... more>>
si Team
Indian American Aney Paul wins the democratic primary in New York’s District 14 beating her opponent, Spring Valley’s Hank... more>>
si Team
India has had a significant dominance over the KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) sector for many years now. However, a recent... more>>
si Team
Ever since Ratan Tata announced his decision to retire, there have been wide speculations about who will fill his shoes. It is... more>>
si Team
With over 100 million internet users, India is now the third largest internet user globally; coming behind China and the U.S.... more>>
si Team
Dr. Shaik Jeelani, VP, research and Sponsored Programs at Tuskegee University in Alabama received the presidential award 2011... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
In a time when several countries are facing the heat of financial meltdown, India is enjoying a strong position, registering... more>>
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