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April-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
On 26 March 2003, a leading banking software product company, received some surprise visitors in its Dutch office. So did the company's four Dutch banking clients. The visitors were from the Department of Social Security, Netherlands, to... more>>
In My Opinion
Sanjay Nayak
Indian companies have gained significant success over the last 20 years in the global IT and ITeS industry. However, we still... more>>
Company Spotlight
Eureka Bharali
Outgrown legacy systems and increased server maintenance issues were unexpectedly pressed on eBioscience, a research reagent... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Anupam Bakshi
Greater cost of developing new chips (upward of $100 million) is pushing certain trends in the industry. Verification continues... more>>
Rajesh K. Parthasarathy
Information security is no longer an IT stepchild but a mission-critical effort: a data breach has an immediate effect on a... more>>
Deepak Shankar
Migration to multi-core processors and new scopes in architectural designs are expected to revamp the EDA sphere where... more>>
Manav Garg
As we all know, firms across the globe have been using enterprise software for decades now, that serve very well the... more>>
Anshu Agarwal
There have been a lot of 15 year commemorations lately. 1995 was sort of the start of the commercial Internet as it’s the... more>>
Krishna Chaitanya and Sujay Maskara
Today, banks need a solution that could provide banking services at an affordable cost to the huge unbanked population and... more>>
Arpan Banerjee
Today's students are growing up in a digital world that provides a variety of hi-tech tools, from computers and video games to... more>>
Raj Tumuluri
The power of mobile usability has brought success to AppStores of various mobile device manufacturers. Now, it is time to focus... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Ashok Narasimhan and Rajesh Reddy co-founded July Systems closed its Series C funding of $7 million, led by Intel Capital.... more>>
si Team
California based DotNetNuke, owner and maintainer of the open source web application framework, has secured $8 million in the... more>>
Suresh Borkar
Global telecom services continuum includes basic communications, universal and affordable mobile broadband, and user managed... more>>
Anupam Arya
Just a decade ago, in India, mobile phone was a status symbol in the hands of the chosen few. Many aspired for it but could not... more>>
VC talk
Ajay Agarwal
More and more successful companies are taking a holistic approach to serve specific market niches or verticals. Instead of... more>>
CIO Profile
Vimali Swamy
‘Seamless collaboration of technology and openness in its adoption’ is what Laxman Kumar Badiga is betting on in near... more>>
In Focus
si Team
India, with the world’s largest population of poor people living on less than a dollar a day, also created millionaires at... more>>
si Team
If all the processes go well, the world’s best universities will soon be able to set up shop in India. On March 15, the... more>>
si Team
The meagerly paid professors at the country’s top academic institutes like IITs and IIMs may soon be poached by foreign... more>>
si Team
Boom or recession, the R&D spend growth has remained minimal, with verticals like software witnessing a downward slip by 10... more>>
si team
It’s the time to be concerned if Indians become more money conscious. A survey report says, India has emerged as one of those... more>>
si team
There are gaps that exist between the expectations of the employers and certain skills of MBA graduates. The results are based... more>>
si Team
With an aim to empower the weaker sections of the country, a number of global billionaires are turning to philanthropy in... more>>
si team
India is the ninth largest industrial manufacturer in the world, while China has become the second largest. Manufacturing has... more>>
si Team
While Western economies continue to stutter, a report forecasts that India will soon return to the high-growth trajectory it... more>>
si Team
It was only after the Satyam fiasco that the government became more conscious about the corporate scams. It led the Ministry of... more>>
Entrepreneur 101
Gunjan Sinha
A lot has been written and discussed about having a clear vision and mission for successful startups. Startups that transition... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
William Shakespeare once said, 'Action is eloquence' and Barack Obama is proving it just right by undermining Michael Moore's... more>>