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September-2009 issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
Having designed to make computing simple and economical without compromising on user experience, Novatium has set the path for severe competition from players who are trying equally hard to break the price barrier. more>>

Guru Talk

Bharat Desai
Overcoming the usual challenges to get the business off the ground and thoughtfully processing the doubts of everyone in the... more>>

Company Spotlight

Vimali Swamy
Firms in India have developed an affinity towards the brighter section of students. So, eMinds has emerged to steer the below... more>>
Christo Jacob
Read on how RockeTalk is targeting the emerging user oriented market in the field of mobile social networking. more>>

VC talk

Mohanjit Jolly
This article wraps in ten bits to consider when approaching a VC for funding. more>>


Vivek Kangralkar
It is the SoC that customers take to end products targeted at different markets which are, in turn, application specific,... more>>
Jim Walsh
Read about SaaS products, their development and functioning where change is constant. more>>
Suraj Rengarajan
The sun is the source of all energy and utilizing its energy directly, instead of deriving it from fossil fuels mined from... more>>
Harish Sivaramakrishnan & Ramesh Srinivasarag
Read about how dashboards help presenting the information in a right way. more>>


Karthikeyan Krishnan
Author Karthikeyan Krishnan talks about the extremely competitive telecom sector and customer satisfaction. more>>
Shrihari Bhat
Author Shrihari Bhat talks about the challenges in growth of the card business more>>


Krishnan KS
Read on to know how the role of the teacher and the learner has evolved over the years. more>>

People Manager

C. Mahalingam
Managers at top level are taking in more stress than they can handle. more>>

Tech Tracker

Eureka Bharali
The current hi-tech 22 nanometer (nm) microchips could turn to be a long yawn, as the DNA structure can shrink chip dimension... more>>
Eureka Bharali
The first sketch of the 10-year search partnership deal between the software giant Microsoft and the online portal Yahoo blurts... more>>
Eureka Bharali
Dell’s foray into the smartphone rat race with its prototype Mini 3i crashed all expectations. more>>
Eureka Bharali
India’s space research agency, ISRO, has shifted its focus on earth to cash in on its first earth observation application... more>>

Woman Achiever

Vimali Swamy
Read about a woman who followed her passion and carved out a career for herself to reach the pinnacle of success. more>>


Vignesh Hebbar
Read about balancing the business activities in the time of recession more>>
Prashant Honnavar
The spree fpr new entrepreneurial ventures in today's time demands the role of HR to be more prominent than a backend work. more>>


Benny Thomas
Eyeing the opportunity in Mobile VAS, Pocket Portal has introduced the 'pay as you use’ model with a key change. This change... more>>

Tech Product

Ojas Sharma
After the launch of INTEX R160 and INTEX N60, Intex has strengthen its position in market with the launch of R220 DVD player. more>>
Ojas Sharma
A USB drive made out of rubber to protect from accidental fall damage. more>>
Ojas Sharma
Samsung's latest touch screen camera out to compete with iPhone. more>>
Ojas Sharma
Sony has slacked the prices of PS3 to survive the recession which has brought down the consoles sales. more>>

Engineer's Diaries

Ojas Sharma
Read about Sandhya Arun a Senior Technical Manager in Applied Materials more>>
Ojas Sharma
Read about Prasanna V an IT Risk Manager in Unisys Global Services more>>
Ojas Sharma
Read about Jagadeesh Chandra a Senior Application Engineer in Authoria Software more>>

Movers and Shakers

Sikta Samantaray
Subroto Bagchi, the newly appointed Vice Chairman of MindTree would lead the efforts in co-innovation in collaboration with its... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
As the Head of Service Business in Sonata Information Technology, Ananth Padmanabhan will focus on the domestic market and... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
Appointed as the Chief People Officer at GlobalLogic, Milind Jadhav affirms that desire to learn and to make significant changes. more>>
Sikta Samantaray
Urs Pennanen has spent 16 years working in Nokia Siemens Network. He has been named as the new Head for India operations. more>>
Sikta Samantaray
Vivekanand Venugopal has spent 16 years of his career in the IT industry and recently took over as Vice President and General... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
As the Chennai center head at UST Global, Krishna Prasad spearheads operational excellence and leadership development. more>>

Tech Buzz

Zoya Anna Thomas
HCL Infosystems has bagged an order of over Rs. 40 crore from the State Bank of India (SBI) and associated banks to install,... more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
Travelguru, an online ticketing website, has been acquired by global online travel firm Travelocity Global for an undisclosed... more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
Adobe flash builder 4, formerly called Adobe flex builder, is likely to be launched by Q1 of FY 2010. more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
UTStarcom has launched its India 'Internet Protocol Partner Program' focused on R&D to provide a single-window solution to... more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
India has got its first Integrated GIS and Image Processing Software (IGiS) developed by Scanpoint Geomatics, a software... more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
The mobile retailer UniverCell has unveiled mobile VAS software named ‘Cell Safe’ that helps mobile phone users to protect... more>>

In Focus

si Team
The interest of Britons and Americans on India as tourists has surged the most in 2008. more>>
ST Team
U.S. is witnessing a rapid surge in the number of illegal immigrants from India. more>>
ST Team
With the vast benefits as well as the deep risks involved with cloud deployment in IT, the concept of clouds has gained... more>>
ST Team
The H1B visa hue and cry has left many of the immigrants with double thoughts over their further stay in U.S. This may diminish... more>>
ST Team
The talent acquisition in Indian firms can face a severe setback in the coming years. There would be a definite scarcity of the... more>>
ST Team
Employees in India are paid nearly 20 times less than their counterparts in the U.S. and Switzerland. more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
The flap-footed attitude towards failure has become the the biggest stumbling blocks in building a Silicon Valley in India. more>>
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