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May-2006 issue
Cover Story
Author: Harish Revanna, Priya Pradeep, Imran Shanawaz
This question haunts every techie. Read and you will get a hint of how beneficial is it have an M.B.A. more>>


Sridhar Jayanthi
Innovation means different things to different people. For some any new technical creation is innovation, for others it is an... more>>


Sharad Sharma
The relationship between product management and product engineering is a complex one. more>>
Ashutosh Parasnis
Preparing for a switch? Read to know how to do it. more>>
Tayloe Stansbury
Product managers in India must move beyond their quaint thinking if they have to gain an edge in their career wherever they are. more>>
Sanjeev Jain
Have you just been hired by a IT company and find no work for yourself, then you must be on benches. more>>

Company Profile

Mohammed Shariff
Philips offers not just great consumer products. They offer great technology and place to work. more>>
Imran Shahnawaz
Google isn't just a great search engine. It is a great place to be in and have great ideas. more>>

Women in IT

Priya Pradeep
Five girls out of a class of 43 in REC Trichy; Jessie Paul, Chief Marketing Officer, Wipro was always among the exclusive... more>>

HR Speak

Imran Shahnawaz
HR Managers talk on what they like in a candidate and what they don't. Read this and improve your communication skills. more>>

Sage Speak

si Team
A growing professional also need to understand the concept of team work. more>>

HR Strategy

J. Kalyanraman
J. Kalyanraman talks on how HCL Comnet is making life easy for the techies inside the company. more>>

Jobs in U.S.

Sanjeev Jain
Java is in demand in the U.S. Companies are hiring there and an opportunity for Indian techies to go there. more>>


Sandeep Ray
What is making people swap jobs? Read on t know more. more>>

In My Opinion

Azim H. Premji
Wipro Chairman Azim Premji talks about Innovatiion. more>>


Harish Revanna
There is something about Martin Prinz that is intrinsically distinct, or rather divided. more>>

In Focus

si Team
Bangalore the bustling Silicon balloon of India bursted and hung low for about 34 hours following the passing away of... more>>
si Team
India’s rich are richer than China’s and have much higher net worth, Forbes magazine said in 2006. more>>
si Team
If the PMC and Intel have their way, Pune will soon become the world's first wireless city. more>>
si Team
The country’s outsourcers will need some 160,000 workers with top-notch foreign-language skills. more>>
ST Team
According to IDC, the total number of laptops sold in India in Q3 2005 was 1,54,000 units as against 56,000 units in Q3 2004. more>>
ST Team
The Smart Techie conducted a career workshop and job fair on the theme ‘Changing Technology Landscape & its Impact on... more>>

Editor's Desk

Last Word

Jim O'Neill
India will bigger and better than most other countries in the next few years. The BRIC report by Goldman Sachs predicts bright... more>>
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