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August-2015 issue
Cover Story
Author: Sandeep Sen
In 1999 when Kavita Rathor, Founder-Director of Sanfort Group of Schools, started her preschool in Noida with 17 kids, the concept of preschools was largely unheard of. Despite the initial response, Kavita toiled towards her goal for... more>>

Top Pre-Schools in India 2015

SI Edu Team
Bangalore based Klay Preschools and Mumbai based The Little Company are no more two different business establishments. In... more>>
SI Edu Team
A bad day at work, followed by a series of arguments and fights with friends and family is a part of life. Perhaps, for many of... more>>
SI Edu Team
Little Millennium, the preschool chain from Educomp, has grown rapidly serving over 50,000 children since its inception. With... more>>
SI Edu Team
The early childhood education sector is a blossoming sector that has proven to be largely profitable sector. BLOSSOMS... more>>
SI Edu Team
Early childhood education is not simply a process of gathering acquired knowledge. Rather, it is the age of discovery. Children... more>>
SI Edu Team
The families in the urban areas of the country do not possess the luxury of the care of parents and grandparents due to the... more>>
SI Edu Team
The necessities of daily life and material aspirations often induce both parents to work. Among them, motherhood confers upon a... more>>

In My Opinion

Preethi Vickram - Director, Podar Happy Kids Bangalore
The last decade has seen a plethora of preschools open, giving the young parents of India many choices. Preschool education... more>>

CEO Insight

Nazura Ajaney - CEO, Childology
Each one of us has inside us an image of the child that directs us as we begin to relate to a child. This theory within us... more>>

Insights from Leaders

Panchraj Tripathi - Director, Wonder Play School-Delhi
Child development refers to the changes that occur as a child grows and develops in relation to being physically healthy,... more>>
Shweta Arora - Director, Little Einsteins
A pre-school is a one step before the start of formal schooling and set the base for child's future growth by giving him right... more>>

Parenting Insight

Mayanka Sharan Sinha - Founder, Purple Bear International Pre School
Settling in daycare can be very frightening for the kids and worrisome for the parents. The child experiences a new environment... more>>


Sandeep Sen
India has over 159 Million children in the age group of 0 – 6 years according to the census of 2011. Early childhood is... more>>
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