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January-2017 issue
Cover Story
Author: Deepshikha Singh
Customers often end up putting their money based on the herd-mentality or market sentiments and eventually end up losing their hard earned cash. Some often fail to keep a regular check on their investments due to market volatility and... more>>

Consultant of the Month

Deepshikha Singh
Managing the available resources and meeting one's business objectives using the same is a talent which every business owner... more>>

20 Most Promising Wealth Management Consultants - 2017

si Team
The Indian economy has witnessed a robust growth over the last few decades which has helped the country’s wealth management... more>>
si Team
With rising competition, tight margins, and the changing customer expectations, the ability to develop employees and connect... more>>
si Team
H.L. Mencken once wrote, "It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds human association together." For... more>>
si Team
India's growing economy has led to a rapid growth in the assets of the investors. With more number of assets to take care of,... more>>
si team
The wealth management industry in India is mostly managed by bankers and individual financial advisors who approach customers... more>>
si Team
Sundaram has advanced rapidly over the years recording 26 percent growth since its inception. The progress and calibre of this... more>>
si Team
Anybody who has ever walked into any of the large financial institutions in India would have surely been pushed towards buying... more>>
si Team
In the present era, an individual's financial needs keep escalating and an investor is often uncertain about how to invest his... more>>
si Team
India has been witnessing astonishing start-up boom all over the country from the past few decades. According to Nasscom, India... more>>
si Team
The financial market in India has been consistently undergoing rapid expansions, both in terms of the existing financial... more>>

CXO Insights

Feroze Azeez, Director, AnandRathi Financial Services
One of the biggest challenges faced by relationship managers is changing their organization, while for clients, they have to... more>>
Rohan Bhargava, Co-founder, CashKaro.com
Demonetization has created the need for an alternative to cash. This gives an opportunity for India to become a cashless economy. more>>
Amit Bhatia, Head - Sales, Distribution & Product Management, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services
India has registered an exceptionally high growth in terms of the population of HNWI & their wealth after the financial crisis. more>>
Abhijit Kargirwar, Head- HNI and Wealth Management, Runwal Group
Against the backdrop of the major disruption from social media, a related disruption is occurring through financial technology,... more>>
Kanwar Vivek - Senior President-Head Wealth Management, YES Bank
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the internet was just beginning to take over, most people relied on physical statements... more>>

Last Word

Ashish Tyagi, Senior Equity Strategist, DiVitas Capital
With increasing number of savvy investors willing to take opportunistic bets and taking the initiative to manage their... more>>
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