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CEO Conclave


This is an close-door exclusive forum for CEOs and Managing Directors of technology companies.The CEO Conclave will facilitate an informal discussion amongst the senior management about the best practices of building technology companies in India, what works, what doesn't work, potential pitfalls and other challenges. This will also be an opportunity for you to network with yours peers in the industry and exchange notes.


The roundtable will facilitate an informal discussion amongst the senior management about the best practices of building technology companies, what works, what doesn’t work, potential pitfalls and other challenges. They delve into candid, solution- seeking discussions focused on CEO-level issues — the challenges and pressures unique to top-level management.


In today's rapidly changing market, CEOs are facing difficult decisions. With the economy showing signs of rebound the following questions are being asked: Where are the new opportunities? Who are the rising stars? How do we maximize partnership opportunities and properly position ourselves to take advantage of the growth market? What are the disruptive technologies on the horizon? Come find out at siliconindia CEO Roundtable.


The CEO roundtable will also delve on key issues affecting the technology industry, including:

bullet   Where the IT industry is headed in 2010

bullet   e breakthrough technologies driving adoption

bullet   How corporations are working with start-ups
bullet   The outlook for the IPO and M&A markets


The panel would comprise of three industry thought leaders. It would be an informal and highly interactive session wherein your opinion also matters.


Keshav R. Murugesh
CEO Syntel Inc
Sharad Sanghi
Founder & CEO Netmagic Solutions
Ravishankar G
Geometric Limited
Kailash Katkar
Quick Heal Technologies


Confirmed Delegates

1. Abhijeet Kumar, Director, Pronto Infotech.
2. Abhijeet Niwalkar, CEO, Ankur Technologies.
3. Abhijit Jayapal, CEO, Synqua Games.
4. Abhijit Majumdar, Director - Business Solutions, Optimizory Technologies.
5. Abhimanyu Rishi, MD, Servecorp India.
6. Aditya Chauhan, Founder & CEO, Cornucopia Weekend Planners.
7. Aditya Dixit, Director, Atre Medical.
8. Advait Chitalia, VP, Atidan Technologies.
9. Ahmed Siddiqui, Director, AZLAN Networks.
10. Ajay Chandalia, CEO, Effission Software.
11. Ajinkya Natu, Partner, Lighthouse Solutions.
12. Ajoy Krishnamurti, Founder, Axelerators.
13. Aliasgar Karachiwala, AVP, Kotak Mahindra Bank.
14. Amit Anand, Founder & CEO, VentureGurus.
15. Amit Gupta, Director, Rudraksha Technology.
16. Amit Panchal, Manager, Referplan.
17. Amit Ratanpal, Head-Funds, ICICI Bank.
18. Amit Tiwari, CEO, MK Technologies.
19. Amit Tripathi, Proprietor, KeyInfotech.
20. Amit Karanjawala, Managing Director, iProgrammer.
21. Amjad Palitana, Director, Antz Marketing.
22. Amod Pandit, Partner, Syncroft Solutions.
23. Amol Mujumdar, Associate Director, Rediff. com India.
24. Amol Muley, Director, Liberation Coaches.
25. Amol Patil, VP-Marketing, VLSI.
26. Anand Samudra, CEO & Managing Director, Uniserve IT Solutions .
27. Anand Tamboli, Associate Vice President, HSBC Ltd.
28. Anil Bhaskar, VP - U. S Operations, Auxano Technologies.
29. Anil Gupta, Head-National Sales, MicroWorld.
30. Anil Narayanan, AVP, WNS Global Services.
31. Aniruddha Pant, CEO, AlgoAnalytics.
32. Anita Kulkarni Puranik, Founder, Metamagics Computing.
33. Ankit Dave, CEO, Softsolve Technologies.
34. Ankush Chhabria, Co-Founder, Bizegator.
35. Ankush Gupta, Founder and CEO, Vigyaapan Technologies.
36. Anuj Agarwal, Co-Founder, VMA Global Solutions.
37. Anup Bhingare, CEO, Uniquecompsol.
38. Anup Dedhia, Vice President, Rhombus Technologies.
39. Anup Kulkarni, Founder, Ark Technologies.
40. Anup Meher, Associate Director, RCS Advisors.
41. Anupam Kulkarni, Director, iauro.
42. Aplesh Sutar, Founder, Focus Data Systems.
43. Apurva Gaglani , Proprietor, e-solve.
44. Aroon Kumar, Head - Business Strategy & Operations, Mobee Mobile Services.
45. Arvind Kumar, CEO, Attrition Control.
46. Ashish Amalnerkar, COO, SplendorNet Technologies.
47. Ashish Belagali, Director, Acism Software Private Limited.
48. Ashish Gandhi, Owner, Reign79.
49. Ashish Mittal, CEO, Cosmic CFO Services.
50. Ashish S Jaju, Co-founder, OptionsSimplified. com.
51. Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO, QuantumPages.
52. Ashutosh Karnik, Director, Atkom Infotech.
53. Asim Shaikh, Managing Director, Wide Technologies.
54. Aslam Qureshi, Director, Futuristek Technocrats.
55. Atirakshit Bhatt, Director, SAVA Software.
56. Atul Gupta, CEO, GRE Global Systems.
57. Atul Joshi, Director, Sand River technologies.
58. Atul Pimple, Director, POSHS Infotech.
59. Avinash Kaul, Director - Technical Mktg, Ark Technologies.
60. Bhakti Shah, AVP, Polaris.
61. Bhanu Prasad, CEO, CONNECTME Informatics.
62. Bhanu Ranjith, Head-Business Development, Tata Interactive Systems.
63. Bharat Rele, Director, SAP India.
64. Bhavin Turakhia, Founder, CEO, Directi.
65. Bhavna Jha, Co-Founder, Best Vidon.
66. Bimal Pradhan, Director, Biz Technologies.
67. Brijesh Shah, Proprietor, Shubham Software.
68. Charuhas Wadekar, CEO, Atharva Techno-Solutions .
69. Chirag Jain, CMO, IXL Technologies.
70. Clint Oliveira,CEO,Oliveira Solutions ( Value Snatcher).
71. Deenadayalan S, CEO, Centre For Excellence.
72. Deepak Nihalani, Director, Epoch Technologies.
73. Devatanu Banerjee, Director, CBO Technologies.
74. Deviraja Shetty, Director, Viral Technologies.
75. Dhaivat Upadhyay, GM - Business Development, Column IT.
76. Dhanraj Muthiyan, Co-founder, Aether T-Innovations.
77. Dipak Bhanushali, Founder, Ossum Solutions.
78. Divyang Shah, CEO, Electrosoft .
79. Divyesh Kharade, Co-Founder, Deltecs InfoTech.
80. Fahad Azad, Managing Partner, Robosoft Systems.
81. Farooq Ross, Managing Partner, Robosoft systems.
82. Ganesh Mishala, Proprietor, Digital4com.
83. Gaurav Ajotikar, Director, Paratus Services.
84. Gaurav Goel, Founder Developer, Shivolve Web Solutions.
85. Gaurav Kohli, Founder & CEO, SecretSauce Digital.
86. Gautam Goradia, MD, Hayagriva Software.
87. Gautam Mandhania, Proprietor, Yuvasoft Technologies.
88. Gautam Seshadri, CEO, Sonic Boom Entertainment.
89. Geeta Pande, Director, Auroma Accounting Sevices.
90. Girish Kanade, MD, Stratinsol.
91. Haresh Bathija, AVP, Reliance Technology Ventures.
92. Haresh Savla, VP, Monarch Innovative Technologies.
93. Harman Singh, AVP, ICICI Venture.
94. Hemant Jha, Founder, VPlanSolutions.
95. Hemant Jogalekar, MD, Vaksrujan Linguasoft .
96. Himanshu Tanna, CEO, Nite Life Media.
97. Hiren Shah, Founder & Director, QuantumPages.
98. Hoshang Dastur, Propreitor, Dastur Management Solutions.
99. Inderjit Mand, Co-Founder, Sum Buddies Digital.
100. Jason Pereira, Founder, Ossum Solutions.
101. Jawahar Shah, CEO, Mind Technologies.
102. Jay Kumbhani, CEO, Apprika Systems.
103. Jayant Joshi, President, RESPA Inc.
104. Jeetesh, Co-Founder, Best Vidon.
105. Jignesh Desai, Founder, Dotnetjini.
106. Joshua Dsouza, CEO, Joshuadsouza. com.
107. Joy Mukherjee, AVP, Ernst & Young.
108. Joydeep Sen, MD, SenAviation.
109. Kalpesh Savla, CEO and Founder, Neova Solutions.
110. Kamal Saboo, Director, Viral Technologies.
111. Kamaldeep Singh, Head India operations, National computer systems.
112. Kanchan Kumar, CEO, Fluous Solutions.
113. Kapil Anja, Proprietor, Tandem Trade.
114. Kapil Chopra, CEO, Dynamic Web Technologies.
115. Karan Ahuja, CEO, Kodeplay.
116. Kartavya Chitalia, CEO, Atidan Technologies.
117. Kaushik Srinivasan, CEO, Cadenza Solutions.
118. Kausikram Krishnasayee, Head-Business Development, Silver Strip Software.
119. Ketan Sanghvi, CEO, V2Technocrats.
120. Ketul Shah, AVP, CIL Technosoft.
121. Kishore Lodaya, Proprietor, SMC Infotech.
122. Krunal Doshi, CEO, Live Cubicles.
123. Kuldip Kamat, Associate Director, All Wave AV Systems.
124. Kulkarni Atul Chandrakant, CEO, Chowgule Ports & Infrastructure.
125. Kunal Mehta, Managing Director, Forysta Ventures.
126. Kushal Shah, Co-Founder, Resorcetek Systems.
127. Leslie Frank, Director, Lancomp Networking Solution.
128. Lokesh Dwivedi, Managing Director, GREEN ADD.
129. Maddy Reddy, CEO, Content Syndicate.
130. Madhava Mahishi, President & CEO, Vertizone IT.
131. Mahesh Bhatt, Vice President, Kirticorp.
132. Mahesh Kalwar, MD, Omkar Softwares.
133. Manas Gajare, Chairman & CEO, Dexter Advisory.
134. Manish D Kochar, CEO, Office Efficiencies India.
135. Manish Godse, VP - Operations, Iken Solutions.
136. Manoj More, Proprietor, Aarya Technology.
137. Manpreet Sodhi, Director, BSS Software.
138. Manu Agarwal, CEO, Naaptol.
139. Mariam Dholkawala, Founder, IGameStudio.
140. Mathew Carley, CEO, Hayai Broadband.
141. Mayank Vora, CEO, Vitruvian Technologies.
142. Mayuresh Shilotri, CEO, Beemonk.
143. Mehul Doshi, Head - Channels, Hitachi Data Systems.
144. Mitesh Thakker, CEO, Adoroi.
145. Mohan V Bhat, Director, Propalms Network.
146. Monish Shah, CEO, Indranetworks.
147. Murli Ramkrishnan, Director & COO, iProperty.
148. Naitik Vyas, Co-Founder, Resorcetek.
149. Naman Shah, MD, Techjet Solutions.
150. Nareen Punjabi, MD, Sonasa Industries.
151. Naresh Sadasivan, CEO, Unicus Interactive.
152. Neeraj Jain, CEO, Buyitforme. in.
153. Neeraj Tiwari, CEO, WebNeeTech R&D.
154. Neerav Parekh, Co-Founder, Evetan.
155. Nehal Padia, CEO, OliveMind.
156. Nelson Fernandes, Founder, Mindstar Netcorp India.
157. Niket Shah, CEO, Openspace Services.
158. Nikil Ambedkar, CEO, Praxis Solutions.
159. Nikit Shah, CEO, Crest.
160. Nilesh Gosavi, CEO, MissionBits Information Technologies.
161. Nilesh, CEO, Sugen Software.
162. Ninad Gupte, CEO, Interpole Technologies(VirtualTrack).
163. Niraj Kumar, Director, AllMinds Labs.
164. Nirav Shah, Vice President, Zapak Digital Entertainment.
165. Nisha Lall, Sr VP - HRM, Auxano Technologies.
166. Nisha Sidhwani, CEO, Seeinfobiz.
167. Nitin Bandekar, Founder & MD, Imasion Software Solutions.
168. Nitin More, VP Mobile Payments, Alittleworld.
169. Nitin Rao, Director, Empirica.
170. Pankaj Parmar, Territory Head, Mumbai2nite.
171. Pankaj Patel, VP-India, Logix Microsystems.
172. Pankaj Rungta, Managing Director, RCS Advisors.
173. Parija Parekh, CTO, V2Technocrats.
174. Paritosh Pungaliya, MD, PPSSPL.
175. Pavan Jain, Managing Partner, ResoureAcumen.
176. Pavan Solanki, Director, Third Generation Technologies.
177. Payal Jain, Partner, IXL Technologies.
178. Poonam Gade, Co-Founder, Best Vidon.
179. Pradeep K Mukherji, President & Managing Partner, Avasant.
180. Pradeep Kamath, Director, Spectra.
181. Pradeep Kharvi, CEO, Intellect Technologies.
182. Pradeep Vedant, VP, People Group.
183. Prakash Tiwari, MD, LSI Advisory.
184. Prasad Rajappan, Founder, Cnergyis.
185. Prashant Srivastava, CTO, CIL Technosoft.
186. Prashanth Bhaskar, CEO, Plug HR.
187. Pratap Shrotriya, CEO, SplendorNet Technologies.
188. Pratiek Sethi, Co-founder, OptionsSimplified.
189. Pravesh Dubani, MD, GreenHat Ventures.
190. Pravin Parulekar, Sr Director, Symphony.
191. Pravin Waghmare, CEO, Prescient technologies.
192. Priyadarshini Kharade, Director, LSI Advisory.
193. Raaj Paatkar, CEO, Ascent Infotech.
194. Radhika Pillai, Technical Head, Bharatraozgar.
195. Raghav Aggarwal, CEO, Trutech Webs.
196. Rahul Miglani, CEO, Borget Solutions.
197. Rajeev Saxena, COO, Ecotech IT Solutions.
198. Rajesh Parab, Proprietor, Microsource.
199. Rajesh Seshan, Director, Techsa Services.
200. Rajiv Kshirsagar, VP - Projects, Doyen Infosolutions .
201. Rajiv Sehgal, Founder, Info Insure Systems.
202. Rajiv Vidyarthy, CEO, B2B Recruitment.
203. Raju Khadilkar, Director & Founder, Uberspacedesign.
204. Ram Ramdas, CEO, Herald Logic.
205. Ram Rao, Director, SysLogic IT Solutions.
206. Ramesh Sahoo, Director, Wextar Interactive.
207. Ramkumar Srinivasan, Director, Site2host.
208. Rashmi Nair, Co-Founder, Referplan.
209. Ravi Kachariya, CEO, Ve System .
210. Ravindra Hanmattekar, Business Head, Space Office Systems.
211. Ritesh Parekh, Director, Sand River technologies .
212. Ritesh Pothan, Director, Natural Solutions.
213. Roopesh Y Rao, VP, Time Broadband.
214. Roshan Dsilva, MD, Glip Infotech.
215. Rukman Naik, Country Manager, WiFonic Technologies.
216. Rushabh Vasa, CEO, Instinct Media.
217. Sagar Thackar, CEO, Igloo360.
218. Sameer Wagh, Commtex.
219. Samir Chandarana, COO, Auxano Technologies.
220. Samir Malwade, Proprietor, Emagination Technologies.
221. Sandeep R Sharma, Co-founder, The Magic Tree.
222. Sandeep Todi, COO, Fluous Solutions.
223. Sanjay Borkar, CEO, Shivrai Technologies.
224. Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence.
225. Sanjay Mehta, CEO, Social Wavelength.
226. Sanjay Srivastav, CEO, Aniche Solutions.
227. Sanneet Shiveshwarkar, Executive Director, Access Systems.
228. Santosh Machkar, CEO, Imasion Software Solutions.
229. Santosh Shetty, COO, Neev Technologies.
230. Saptarshi Chatterjee, IMC, Robosoft systems.
231. Satyandhar Jain, Proprietor, Focus Communications.
232. Satyendra Sharma, COO, Softsolve Technologies.
233. Saugaato Ray, CEO, Satmac Infosys.
234. Saurabh Chandra, CTO, Webazaar.
235. Saurabh Kesharwani, CEO, Resource Acumen.
236. Sharad Vajpayee, CEO, School2Job.
237. Shrinivas Racha, Founder & MD, CDC.
238. Shyam Kumar, Director, R-Quest.
239. Shymon Subramanian, Director, LSI Advisory.
240. Siddharth Goel, CEO, Iken Solutions.
241. Siddharth Parekh, ESA, Erdas Geosystems.
242. Smita Thorat, Director & CEO, iProperty.
243. Sreejith Vijay Raj, Director, Atre Medical.
244. Sridhar Iyer, Director, GoldmanCommunications.
245. Sridhar Jammalamadaka, CEO, Interview Mantra.
246. Srinivas Kumar Nunna, CEO, Soft Script Solutions(FindGuru).
247. Srinivasan Satagopan, CEO, Ecotech IT Solutions.
248. Stephen Lobo, President & CEO, Web Access.
249. Subramani B, Director, AtoZHR Services.
250. Suchen Nanavati, CEO, Bromco Computers and Telecom.
251. Sudheendra Kumar, CEO, Intellex Corporate Services.
252. Sudhir Agrawal, Director - Operations, Ayojak.
253. Sudhir Gera, Vice President - EMEA, Blue Star Infotech.
254. Sudin Baraokar, CEO, IdeaVentory.
255. Sundareshwar Krishnamurthy, Manager, Ernst & Young.
256. Sunder Natrajan, CEO, Ashva.
257. Sunil Deshpande, Director, Sampada Software Solutions.
258. Sunil Gandhi, MD, DreamAdvisory.
259. Suresh A Shan, CIO, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services.
260. Suresh Ravishankar, Head Delivery, Atlas Advisory.
261. Surin Shahani, MD, Destar Technologies.
262. Suryakant Nanavare, Director, S & S InfoTech and Software.
263. Swapnil Kadu, Partner, Dai Ichi Technologies.
264. Tarun Bhalla,CEO, Kamal Learning Solutions.
265. Tarun Davda, Director - Strategic Partnerships, Directi.
266. Tarun Gandhi, Director, Adit Ecommerce.
267. Tejaswini Baldwa, Founder, Simple Solutions.
268. Urvi Mehta, Co-Founder & COO, Forysta Ventures.
269. Varun Punjabi, VP-Communications, AIESEC.
270. Vatsal Desai, CEO, TAGG Cybertech.
271. Vijay Nadar, COO, Serve Corp India.
272. Vikaas Mehta, Partner, Mehta Associates.
273. Vikas Arora, Director, Bharatraozgar.
274. Vikram Vardhan, Entrepreneur, MyVideo Talk.
275. Vikramaditya Narayan, CEO, John1one5. plc. UK.
276. Vikrant Bhargava, Director, Hindkala.
277. Vilas Rao, Head - Business, Total Solutions.
278. Vineet Dhawan, CEO, Auxano Technologies.
279. Vineet Pandey, Director, Evetan.
280. Vinod Philips, Head- Sales, DSK Digital Technologies.
281. Vinod Raveendranath, Partner, Avoft Integrated.
282. Viral Shah, Partner, Atman Infotech.
283. Vishakha Patel, Director, Vocabulls.
284. Vishal Doshi, Proprietor, Technicalbazaar.
285. Vishal Makhija, AVP, Convonix.
286. Vishal Pal, MD, AER Technologies.
287. Vishal Sharma, Founder & CEO, (!)Zimblee(A Yureekah Company).
288. Vishal Singhal, VP, CellStrat.
289. Vishal Tiwari, Co-Founder, The Magic Tree.
290. Vishwas Nair, Founder, Referplan.
291. Vivek Atre, MD, Atre Medical.
292. Vivek Dharia, CIO, KNP Sec.
293. Vivek Pawar, CEO, Innovative Software Solutions.
294. Vrushali Humnabadkar, Founder & Owner, Penworks.
295. Waqar, CEO, Sutra HR.
296. Yeragaselvan Kumarasamy, Director, VelaiSMS. In.
297. Yogendra Ghaswala, CEO, Skynet Inc.
298. Yogesh Palkar, Proprietor, Comunex.
299. Yogesh Purohit, VP-Technology, Indiafin Technologies.
300. Zakir Wahab, Director-Technology, BSS India.

Pervious Siliconindia Startup City Speakers

"SiliconIndia Startup City 2009 was conducted in a professional way and was wonderfully organized. The catch of the event is the stalls held by respective partners. It was very helpful to reach the target audience. We would like to shake hands with you for all events in future."

Bala Murugan V, CFO,
Cogzidel Consultancy Services

"The event was very helpful to us as we were looking at opportunities to meet with potential investors and to present our company to them. StartupCity presented the perfect forum to connect with multiple investors, exchange information and present our company to a diverse audience at the exhibition booth. We thank SiliconIndia for hosting such a focused event."

Atul Joshi, Head - Business development,
VLife Technologies

"Being at SiliconIndia Startupcity was an amazing experience for us. The energy and enthusiasm, both from the visitors and exhibitors has to be seen to be believed. If you are a startup and are in the IT sector, don't miss out on SiliconIndia - you will form a multitude of business connections; and if not, it's one hell of a learning experience nonetheless."

Sanket Nadhani, Director, Marketing,
InfoSoft Global

"A must for every current or a future startup, tech enthusiast, Entrepreneur and VC. The only event that gives the 'complete picture' of the startup scenario in India in a single day. Take away form this event for LyteCube has been invaluable"

Maheedhar PV, Founder and CEO,
Lytecube Technologies