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CEO Conclave

This is an close-door exclusive forum for CEOs and Managing Directors of technology companies.The CEO Conclave will facilitate an informal discussion amongst the senior management about the best practices of building technology companies in India, what works, what doesn't work, potential pitfalls and other challenges. This will also be an opportunity for you to network with yours peers in the industry and exchange notes.

The roundtable will facilitate an informal discussion amongst the senior management about the best practices of building technology companies, what works, what doesn’t work, potential pitfalls and other challenges. They delve into candid, solution- seeking discussions focused on CEO-level issues — the challenges and pressures unique to top-level management.

In today's rapidly changing market, CEOs are facing difficult decisions. With the economy showing signs of rebound the following questions are being asked: Where are the new opportunities? Who are the rising stars? How do we maximize partnership opportunities and properly position ourselves to take advantage of the growth market? What are the disruptive technologies on the horizon? Come find out at siliconindia CEO Roundtable.

The CEO roundtable will also delve on key issues affecting the technology industry, including:
bullet Where the IT industry is headed in 2010
bullet The breakthrough technologies driving adoption
bullet How corporations are working with start-ups
bullet The outlook for the IPO and M&A markets

The panel would comprise of three industry thought leaders. It would be an informal and highly interactive session wherein your opinion also matters.


Suresh Elangovan - Founder, CEO & MD - MindlogicX
Suresh Elangovan
Founder, CEO & MD
Jeya Kumar - CEO - Patni Computer Systems
Jeya Kumar
Patni Computer Systems
Rajiv C Mody - Chairman & CEO - Sasken
Rajiv C Mody
Chairman & CEO
Sanjay Swamy - CEO - mChek
Sanjay Swamy

Confirmed Guests                                                                                                                         Request An Invite

1. Anil Gupta COO, Aditi Technologies
2. Kiran Datar, MD, WebEx India
3. Sandeep Menon, Country Head, Novell India
4. Raghu Panicker, Director, Mentor Graphics
5. Anil Nileshwar, Director - Operations, Cisco Systems

Confirmed Delegates                                                                                                                    Request An Invite

1. Maheshwar Singh, MD, PRTM Management Consultants
2. Ashish Mehta, Co-founder & CEO,
3. Sharad Bairathi, MD, Embitel
4. Ram Pazhayannur, VP, Persistent Systems
5. Deepak Nakil, Founder & CEO, Reftree
6. S Uma Mahesh, CEO, Indrion Technologies
7. S. Sundarajan, COO, Real Soft
8. Rahul Soni, Jiobindaas Global
9. Madanu Ujjwal Kumar, MakeLogic
10. Sanjay Kamat, Manthan Semiconductors
11. George Vettath, Kallos Solutions
12. Ram Kumar.R, CEO, Dreamajax Technologies
13. Sharad Bairathi, CEO, Embitel
14. Sanjay Prasad, CEO, MindRiver Group
15. Naveen Lakur, President & CEO, Compassites Software Solutions
16. sandeep Lodha, VP, Netweb Technologies
17. Christina Martin, CEO, Stylus
18. Jyoti Ramnath, CEO, Craftmygift
19. Supreet Deshpande, CEO, Vlife technologies
20. Ravi Subramanyam, Founder, Mobile One
21. Sridhar, CEO,
22. Sudarshan HS, CEO, Onze Technologies
23. Shivaji Mukthavaram, CEO,
24. Jodi Prins, VP-India Operations, DiVitas Networks
25. KK Venkatraman, CEO, 3DsoC
26. Maheedhar P.V, Founder & CEO, Lytecube Technologies
27. Ravi Nirala, CEO, Vidteq
28. Ajit Gokhale, CEO, Mobien Technologies
29. Vishnu Sunderam, Co founder & CTO, Interchain Technologies
30. Lokesh Gupta, CEO, Mobisoc
31. Sanjay Swamy, CEO, Mchek
32. Mithesh L Thakker, Founder, Adoroi
33. Azhagarasan Annadorai, Founder & CEO, Kaizentric
34. Pallav Nadhani, Co-founder & CTO, Infosoft Global
36. NK Verma, MD, Vista Mobicom
37. SVN Narayana Rao, MD, Wandflower Software Technologies
38. Vijaya Verma, Founder & CEO, Yos Technologies
39. Vijay Parthasarthy, President, Mastmobile
40. Aby Varghese, CEO, Taroby
41. MP Hariharan, CEO, Thinxworks
42. Rajiv Kumar, CEO, Rocketalk
43. Anish Achuthan, CEO, Cashnxt
44. Chockanath Chandrasekar, Director, Funds India
45. Uday Shankar, CEO, Ennovasys
46. Maj Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Founder & Product Manager, Panini Keypad & CleverTexting
47. Rakesh Verma, MD, Mapmyindia
48. KVRK Rao, Vice President Marketing, SG Technologies
49. Sunjay Aryan, Founder & MD, Libra Interactive
50. RK Patil, CEO, Vayavya Labs
51. Rahul Chawla, CEO, In4 Velocity
52. Amit Bhardwaj, CEO, Webvivah
53. Dr. Gopala Krishna Chitta, Founder & CEO, nsta Intelligence Technologies
54. Sunder Natrajan, CEO, Ashva
55. Shankar Srinivasan, CEO, 24x7 Software Technologies
56. Anand Natarajan, CEO, Cogzidel Consultancy Services
57. Srinivas Kumar Nunna, CEO, Soft Script Solutions
58. Rajagopal Yadavalli, CEO, Winnou
59. Viraj Malik, CEO, Percept Knorigin Solutions
60. Sachin Lakharia, CEO, Shopnics
61. N Sriprakash, CEO, Codemantra
62. J. Muruga, India Head, Codemantra
63. G Bharaneedharan, CEO, Gbans
64. Harish Gandhi, Canaan Partners
65. Ramaswamy Ramasubbu, Founder & CEO,
66. Girikrishna, CEO & VP Engineering, Silvan Innovation Labs
67. Sanjeev, CEO &MD, Medsphere Technologies
68. Jagadish K vasishtha, CEO & MD, Injoos
69. Anshuman Das, Co-founder & COO, CareernetNet Consulting
70. Shekahr Nair, CEO, Elina Networks
71. Raj Khare, CEO and MD, Surewaves
72. Karthik, CEO, Anmipro Technologies
73. Sridhar G, CEO, Yulop
74. Vamsee Krishna, CEO, Yardstick
75. Shashank ND, CEO, Naabo Solutions
76. Srini Vudayagiri, Investor
77. Kumar Bhogaraju, Founder, Unosoft Technologies
78. Padmanabhan Raghavan, Co-founder, 8Kmiles
79. Prashant John, Co-founder, Kwench
80. Dr.Hari Krishna Maram, CMD, Vision India
81. Jayakrishnan, CTO, Ongo Biz Solutions
82. B Mohan Kumar, Director, Trusted Technology Solutions
83. Ravishankar Vishwanath, Founder & CEO, learn2turnconsulting
84. Shyam Pai, Managing Partner - India Pperations, The Performance Factory
85. Alan.V.D'Souza, CEO & MD, Vavia Technologies
86. Someshwar, Co-Founder & Head Business Development, Bredge
87. Sitashwa Srivastava, Co-founder, creADivity
88. Neeraj Gupta, CEO & Director, FormulateIP TechnoLegal Solutions
89. Ravi Gururaj, Founder, VMLogix
90. Dr. S. K. Saxena, Head of Aerospace, Zeus Numerix
91. Rivi Varghese, CEO, CustomerXPs Software
92. Mayank, Co-Founder, GOK Systems
93. Shylendra Bhat, Co-Founder, GOK Systems
94. Sathyanarayanan, CTO, Quads IT Solutions
95. Uma R Iyer, MD, R2K Software
96. Anantharam V Varayur, Director, Webcom
97. Akshat Shrivastava, CEO, Alabot
98. Vaidyanathan, CEO, Multunus
99. Sujai Karampuri, CEO, Sloka Telecom
100. Anant R Koppar, Chairman & CEO, KTwo Technology Solutions
101. Nelvin Joseph, CEO, Artin Dynamics
102. Ankur Bhasin, Director, Bhasinsoft India
103. Venugopal, CEO, Aerron Business Solutions
104. Rani Paruchuri, CEO, Dream Tekis Software
105. Sudhish Chemmur, CTO, i-Vista Digital Solutions
106. Ajay S. Sharma, CEO, Srishti Software
107. Mahesh B, Chairman & CEO, InKnowTech
108. Sanjay, VP & Director, Technology
109. Yashwanth C, CEO, Edujini Labs
110. Sridhar T Pai, CEO, Tonse telecom
111. Dr S Balaji, Founder, Balajis Consulting
112. M.ThiyagaRajan, CEO, Motvick
113. Paresh Vora, MD, Dover India
114. Girish Bellalcheru, Founder, LyteCube Technologies.
115. Bbabu George, CEO, Integrated Computer Services
116. Babji VS, SVP - Global Head & Managed IT Services, 3i Infotech
117. P.Kannan, Director, Procyon TechSolutions
118. Jaspreet Singh, Founder & CEO, Druvaa Software
119. Divakar N, MD, Varnam Info Media
120. Atul Joshi, VP, Vlife Technologies
121. Kamalakar Jadhav, VP, Vlife Technologies
122. Anand Rao, CEO, Pustak
123. Mani Subramanian, CEO, FirstMedia
124. Dasharatham Bitla, CEO,
125. Phanindra Sama, CEO,
126. Sivakumar Narayanaswamy, Founder & Director, ITech Workshop
127. Ione Binford, CEO, Read-Ink Technologies
128. Tom Binford, Chairman, Read-Ink Technologies
129. Dr. S.S.Satchidananda, Founder & CEO, Global Risk Hub
130. T.M.Suryanarayana, Proprietor, ERM Infotech
131. Harsha Konduri, CEO,
132. Sean Blagsvedt, CEO,
133. Raj Rajkumar, MD, ADC (I) Communications and Infotech
134. Milind Naik, CEO, Pappilon Software Solutions
135. Ksheer Sagar, CEO, Flexy Tech
136. Vishwanath Kulkarni, Operations Manager, Galli Galli India
137. Narayanan Lakshmanan, Founder, Silicon Labs
138. Venkata Raju, CEO, Bob Technologies
139. Narasimha Raju, MD, Bob Technologies
140. Naveen Vooka, VP-Operations, Bob Technologies
141. Yashwanth C, CEO, Edujini Labs
142. P.Kannan, Director, Procyon TechSolutions
143. Poonam Bir Kasturi, CEO, Daily Dump
144. Rajesh K, Director, Accfin
145. Kumar Bhogaraju, Founder, iVirtual
146. Paul Kaunds, Chairman & CEO, Kacper Technologies
147. Hari Rastogi, CEO, Excelan Consultancy
148. Raja Narsaiah Banda, Asst. VP, Conseco India
149. Bhushan Patil, COO,
150. Sunny Ghosh, CEO, Wolf Frameworks
151. Arvind, Founder & CEO, The Enterprise Genie
152. Sadiq Ahamed, Director & Product Architect, Incture Technologies
153. Raghavendra TC, Business Head, Blue Chip Computer Consultants
154. Mr. Rahul Gupta, MD, Smile Security & Surveillance
155. Narasimha Suresh, CEO, TELiBrahma
156. Sameer Patil, Founder & CEO, Traveltechie
157. Sudarsan. K, CEO, Vaakya
158. Prabha Aithal, CTO, CanvasM Technologies
159. Sumeet Anand, Founder & CEO, i-nable solutions
160. Balaji Jagannathan, Founder, Director & CEO, Evolvus Solutions
161. PVG Menon, President & CEO, VANN Consulting
162. Dr. PCP Bhatt, Founder & CEO, Vibha Software Solutions
163. Dr. Saragur M Srinidhi, CEO, Prometheus Consulting
164. Dr. Anand Anandkumar, Chairman, Cellworks India
165. Taher Abbassi, CEO, Cellworks India
166. Srikanth S Sampara, CEO, Tuple Technologies
167. G. Ram Kumar, CEO, Aruntec
168. Khushnood Naqvi,Co-Founder & Director, Ninety Degree Internet Software
169. Sumeet Anand, Founder, CEO, I-nable Solutions
170. Joshua S Rajeeva, MD, BlueChip Computer Consultants
171. Raja Narsaiah Banda, Asst Vice President, Conseco India
172. Balaji Jagannathan, Founder,Director & CEO, Evolvus Solutions
173. Vishwas Mudagal, CEO, Jobeehive
174. Sunder. C, Director, Invictus Technologies
175. Chidananda T, Director, Invictus Technologies
176. Sayeed Anjum, Director, Greytip Software
177. Mukesh Bansal, CEO, Myntra Designs
178. Rohit Nadhani, CEO, Webyog
179. Girish Rowjee, Director, Greytip Software
180. Satish Kumar, CEO, Glopore IMS
181. Gururaja Upendra, VP, SOA IT Solutions
182. Santosh R Shetty, COO, Neev Technologies
183. Chhaya Bidri, Managing Partner, Softrain Consulting
184.Pradeep Janakiram, Head, Zylog Systems
185. Ravindra.H.P, Director/CEO, Vistech Information
186. Monish Jamwal, Director & CEO, Prinicipal Consulting
187. E.Ashok Prem Kumar, CEO, Samantha Technologies
188. Vahab.S.A, CEO & MD, Mind Source
189. Vemuri Ramana, CEO, Kasura Technologies
190. Shreyans Chopra, Founder, Suksh Technologies
191. Sameer Patil, Founder & CEO,
192. Prabhakar, CTO, HolidayIQ
193. L.BalaKrishnan, Director, Software Made Easy
194. Badarudheen, CEO, Amity
195.M.Ramesh, CTO, Nafasys Technologies
196. Mahesh Malla, CEO, Tabs Global
197. Vishwa Kayargadde, CEO, Sankhya Labs
198. Hemant Mallapur, VP, Sankhya Labs
199. Parag Naik, CTO, Sankhya Labs
200. Sanjeev Sharma, Head Sales, Nitman Software
201. Ganesh Shetti, MD, 3Si Technologies
202. Aparna Sharma, Director, Kuliza Technologies
203. Dr.Raveendra C R Rao, Director, Freelance
204. Binny Mathews, Co-Founder & CEO, BoStreet
205. Pranav Bhasin, CEO, Aetas Technologies
206. Arjun Chaganthy, CEO, Quadyne Technologies
207. J.M.Priyadarshan, Director, ViteletechZone
208. Srikanth Rao, President, Keane India
209. Rakesh R Gupta, CFO, Keane India
210. Ashwin SivaKumar, CEO, Jugular Social Media
211. Srimathi Prasad, CEO, Prudente
212. Emmanuel Rozario, Founder & Director,ITwaters Consulting
213. Kishore.V.N, MD,Alp Management Consultants
214. Sanjay Vijayakumar, Co-Founder & CEO, MobME Wireless Solutions
215. N.Uday Kumar, CEO, Costools & Components
216. Purnima Vardarajan, CEO, Ipott Softtech India
217. P.Karthikeyan, CEO & CTO, Occult Technology
218. Srihari Boregowda, Director & CTO, Canarys Automations
219. Raj K Sangoli, CEO, Future Technology Solutions
220. Pradeep Oak, Director & CEO, Oak Systems
221. Raja Nagendra Kumar, CTO, TejaSoft Innovations
222. Mohammed Hussain, CEO & MD, Safas Technologies
223. Nitin Godawat, COO, DeciDyn
224. Prashanth C, Director, Enspire Technologies
225. VenuGopal Sathyanarayana, Founder & CEO, Vengo Ventures
226. Sunil Rao, Director, Trilogy E-Business Services
227. Veeresh Hiremath, Co-Founder, Threads Lab
228.M.Vennimalai, CEO, Aavanor Systems
229. Nandu Madhava, CEO, mDhil
230. Arun Kumar, Senior Partner, HR Direction
231. Rajeev Kumar, Co-Founder, 'Y' India Network
232. Idris Ahmed, MD, Veriton Software Solutions
233. Anand, CEO, Kuliza Technologies
234. Kaushal Sarda, Founder & CEO,
235. Sunder Rao, CEO, IMS
236. Rishi Das, CEO, HiRePro Consulting
237. SriKrishna Murthy, Principal, LongHosue
238. Raj Mohan, CEO, AlignBiz Technologies
239. Ravichandran.R, CEO, Whinepedia
240. Priyanka, COO,
241. Ritesh Kumar Dwivedy, CEO,
242.Deepak Kumar Singh, Co-Founder, ITGyaan
243.Asif Mooppan, Founder & Director, Carinov Systems
244. BalaKrishna NA, Founder, Envision Technologies & Consulting Services
245. Sathish.S, Director, Envision Technologies & Consulting Services
246. Vineet Jain, MD, Velankani Software
247. Krishnamurthy Vaidyanathan, CEO & Founder, EIL Labs India
248. Padmanabhan Raghvan, Co-Founder, 8KMiles Web Services
249. Prakash Baskaran, CEO & Founder , Pawaa Software
250. Purnima Santosh, Managing Partner, ValueVision Management Consultants
251. VG.Santosh Kumar, Managing Partner, ValueVision Management Consultants
252. Ananth Narasimhan, CEO, Infiniti Software Solutions
253. Mansi Baranwal, Co-Founder, Headstart Network Foundation
254. AnilKumar, CEO, MCG India
255. Mihir Mohan, Director, N-NET Technologies
256. Anuj Agrawal, Director, Zyoin Web
257. Avinash Londhe, Director, CareerMate
258. Mohan Kumar, VP,Jataayu Software
259. Mukund, CEO, BuzzGain
260.Ullas G.Bhide, Founder & Director, TecPool
261.Shankar Narayanan.P,Founder, KSense Technologies
262.Sampath Napoleon, Director, U4EA Wireless India
263.Maheshwar Singh, MD, PRTM India
264.Vinoth Kumar.A, MD, VINJEY Software Systems
265. Jeyasudha, Director, VINJEY Software Systems
266. ARS.Reddy, MD & CEO, Briofactors Technologies
267. Subhash Bal, Country Director, Synopsys
268. Vijayaprakash Rangappa, Founder & Director, Mobi2fun Mobile Entertainment
269. Aashish Solanki, Founder, NetBramha Studios
270. Chandrasekhar Nallagangula, Director, Mobi2fun
271. Karthikeya Shastry, COO, Preva Test Solutions
272. ShyamGopal Kundapurkar, Entrepreneur, Cameo Technologies
273. Dr.S.Jagannathan, Head of Technology Innovation, Tata Elxsi
274. R.Deepanraj, MD, Refulgence Technostream India
275. Sudhan Moses, CEO & Director, Refulgence Technostream India
276.Jayaram Srinivasan, VP,Sap Labs India
277.Madan Padaki, CEO, MeritTrac Services
278.Amit Jindal, Founder, Sushruts
279.Prakash Kamath, CEO, Floraison India
280.Pradeep.NS, CEO, Infosoft Technologies
281.Vivek.C, Founder & CEO, Eos Software Systems
282. Deboprio Ghosh, Co-Founder & CEO, OS Media
283.Dr.Simanta Sharma, MD & CEO, HealthOn InfoSoft
285.Manjunath, MD, Aghreni Technologies
286. Sujit Kumar, Founder,Director & CEO,CL Infotech
287.Thomass Jacob, CEO, Qutesys
288.Rajendra Menon, President, Qutesys
289.Sindhu Panicker, VP, Qutesys
290.Sebastian Chacko, MD, Aayur Technology Solutions
291.Shankar, Founder, Koral Human Resource Consultants
292.Abey Zachariah, VP, RedBus
293.Vagmi Mudumbai, CTO & Co-Founder, Artha42 Technology Solutions
294.Vinaya Chandran, VP, First Indian Services
295. Mahesh, Co-Founder & CEO, Indrion Technologies
296. Joseph, Co-Founder, CompetenSys
297. Vinay Mishra,CEO, Cerrid Solutions
298. Vasant BalaKrishna,MD, Hexmoto Controls
299. Karthikeyan Iyer, Director, Crafitti Consulting
300. Vishu Srinivas, CEO, Flamingo Venture
301. Ravi.K.S, CIO, Motherson Sumi
302. Richard Varghese,Director, Indo-Halvai IT Services
303.Raghav Bharadwaj, Co-Founder, Primes
304. Gayithri.J, Co-Founder, Primes
305.Deepu George Tharappel, Co-Founder & Director, Fortune Portal India
306. Jobin Tharappel, Co-Founder & Directore, Fortune Portal India
307.Nilesh Agrawal, Director, Reverie Technologies
308. Arvind Pani, Director, Reverie Technologies
309. Beslin G Borgia, CEO, JehovaSoft
310. Anand Bhairat, Director, Way2Goals Software
311. Hardy Alexander, Sr.Director, Regalix
312. Pathai Venkat,Director -IT,Yodlee
313.Vignesh Iyer, Founder, Givis Tech
314. Dwarkadheesh Naidu,VP, Core Projects & Technologies
315. Shailesh Dangle, Director, Neo Comso-Tech Solutions
316. MuthuSwamy Ramesh, CTO, Nafasys Technologies
317. Narendra Desirazu, Director, Jennard Softech
318. Shashidhar Kumar, VP, VIrgosys Software
319. Satheesan Varier, Director,
320. Kirankumar Annigeri, COO, V Works
321. Dasharatham Bitla, CEO, Bitla Software
322. Tumul Sharan, Director, Interactive Training & Methodologies
323.Priyesh Shah, CEO, Bliss Xpress
324.Himanshu Vyas, CEO, Infogravity Solutions
325.Sangeeta Patni, Co-Founder & President,Extensio Software
326.Rakesh Antala, Co-Founder & CEO, Crederity
327. Ritheesh V Shetty,CEO & MD, Precedence Technologies
328. Yogesh Rao, Lead-Product Manager, Novell Inc
329. Tajuddin Subhani, CEO, PeopleTalents Corp
330. Rajesh.K, Director, V-Square Technology
331.Manikandan HK, Co-Founder,
332. Nishikant Nigam, Director, Paxterra Solutions
333. Nataraj.S.N, CEO, WiseTech India
334.Ashraj Bawa, Director, Converging Minds
335.Vikram Shenoy, Co-Founder, Magoosh Inc
336.Sabu Shefeeq, Director, Azure IT Solutions
337.Virupakshi B, Director, Octopetal Software
338.Mobin Muhammed, CTO, Sabah Technologies
339. Sumit Jain, Co-Founder, MaxHeap Technologies
340. Lalith Mangal, Co-Founder, MaxHeap Technologies
341. Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder, MaxHeap Technologies
342. RamKishor, Co-Founder & Director, PathPartner Technologies
343. Ramesh Raman, CTO, CommGate Systems
344. Deepankar Goswami, MD, CommGate Systems
345. Keshav Reddy, Director, Cooperp Solutions
346. Vikram V Chadaga,Founder & CEO, IonLab
347. Varun Prabhakar,COO, IonLab
348. Kamal Govindraj, Founder, Tenxperts
349. Haffizulla Rahman, Director, Hunolabs Communications
350. Mallikarjunaiah Nire, CEO, Logiprosofware
351. Srinivasan, CEO, Kengs India
352. Umesh Date, Senior Director, Kyocera Wireless India
353. Ravindra Noubade, Director, Kyocera Wireless India
354. Kunal Sharma, Director, iRunway
355. Arun Alkod, Director, Baseline Info Solutions
356. Ashwin Athani, Director, NGX Technologies
357. Dr.S.Jagannathan, Head of Technology Innovation, Tata Elxsi
358. Harish Kumar, Managing Partner, Wenger & Watson Inc
359. Mohan Ram,Head,Tata Elxsi
360. Mahesh, Director, Indus Software
361. Ashvin Savani, CEO, Avinashi Systems
362. Shaju Nair, Director of Global, IBS Software
363. Meera Tiwari,MD, Greenpos Software
364. Manjunath.S, Director, Greenpos Software
365. Pankaj Ganeriwal, Director, Textual Analytics Solutions
366.Naveen Kumar, CTO, Danush Infosol
367.Nagaraja, CIO, Danush Infosol
368.Vishal Borker, Founder & CEO, NextBit Computing
369. Rajib Roy, CEO, QCON Solutions
370.Bhavana,Director, QCON Solutions
372. Namit Nangia, CEO, iStrait
373. Anil Kumar.TV, CEO, Dhanush Infosol
374. Partha Ray, CEO, Xaneda Technologies
375. Pooran Prasad, CEO,Zealous InfoSolutions
376. Raja Narsaiah, Asst VP,
377. Varadharajan Pandian, CEO, Acelabs
378. Satish Kumar, Chairman & CEO,Glopore IMS
379. Rajesh Kumar, MD, Aroha Technologies
380. Ravindra, Founder & Director, Agent Technologies
381. Seby Kallarakkal, CEO, Nabler Web Solutions
382.K.Srinivasan, CEO, Soft Business Services
383.Shashidhar.Joshi, VP, Proficio GeoTechnologies
384.Rashmi Vallabhajosyula, Founder & CEO, Altius Consulting
385.A.Sadasivam, CEO, Preva test Solutioins
386.Dilip DaGama, CEO & Founder, Career Management International
387. Vijyendra Bidri, Partner, Softrain IT Services
389. Chhaya Bidri, Managing Partner, Softrain IT Services
390. Raja Ram, Head - Business Development, Zyoin

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