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Arvin Babu
Arvin Babu
Greylock Advisors India

What are some global opportunities that can be leveraged by Indian companies?

With India’s IT/ITeS revenue reaching $50B a year, an amazing talent pool has emerged that understands the core business processes underlying the next generation application services. Also, as many of the services oriented leaders move away from the time and material model toward a “solution as a service” model, the creation of SaaS, IaaS and cloud-based services companies will accelerate. Even traditional BPO firms that are focused on lower margin opportunities stand to gain if they leverage their understanding of business practices to deliver their solutions as a service.

What is the ideal startup ecosystem?

An ideal startup ecosystem would include local customers, financing, access to technology, talent and exit opportunities! While it will take some time before a Silicon Valley can emerge, one can exploit local advantages, including the ability for a company to grow profitably, creating barriers based on cost structure, etc to compensate for the absence of all attributes found in a mature ecosystem.

What’s required for success?

It is quite challenging to predict the future for large corporations, let alone for startups! India as a market is underpenetrated for many of the basic services in the financial, healthcare, education and public services sectors. Any company, startup or not, that strives for great customer satisfaction and best cost in providing the service has a great opportunity to be an independent public company.

And finally, an idea without execution is a mere hallucination. Execute like there’s no tomorrow!

The author of the article is Arvin Babu, Partner, Greylock Advisors India .
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