Be Flexible, be ready for Change

Sasha Mirchandani
Sasha Mirchandani
Managing Partner, 
Kae Capital

Areas of Investment

New dedicated funds are coming up that specifically focus on the Seed-stage investment. Angel networks being formed in the cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune as the deals have been coming from all corners of the country and not just Bangalore and Hyderabad, which were earlier the only places for starting-up. Incubators are also sprouting up all over the country.

The Hottest Technologies

Mobile, E-commerce and Social-Commerce, Mobile Applications and Internet-based distribution are some of the sectors where growth is expected. All these sectors are consumer technology focused. Growth rates are expected to be high in these areas mainly because of the easier availability of the enablers (3G services, Low Cost mobile handsets), greater broadband penetration, higher adoption rate of new technology and services among the youth.

Use of technology in Education has opened up new avenues, which earlier did not exist. The entire education sector can be divided into segments, which have very different requirements in term of the technology, and hence there needs to be several solutions to cater them and not a 'one fits for all’ technology solution.

Start-up Perspective

Innovation is required in any business area and is one of the main factors for the success of the venture. Social Commerce will be the driving force for the online retailers and people who come up with innovative solutions to acquire the customers will lead the way.

Mobile sector is coming up with innovative apps. There is a need to have innovative solutions in the clean tech sector. With the government promoting the deployment of renewable energy, it will be a good opportunity for start-ups to fill the various gaps in the value chain.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Be flexible and be ready for change. You must have persistence and the will to see through your plan to move it from dream to reality. Always hire people who are better than you.
Always look for positive people to hire in your team. You should be passionate about what you do and this should resonate with the rest of the team.

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1: good article
Posted by:Rahul k Yadav - 24 Aug, 2011

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