A New Telecom Investment Cycle is on the Horizon

Naimish Patel
Naimish Patel
Entrepreneur in Residence, 
General Catalyst Partners

Opportunities for Investment

These industry challenges and trends create opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike. The last wave of innovation in telecom infrastructure ended almost a decade ago, leaving in its wake an ecosystem starved for innovation and ripe for economic disruption. Moreover, in contrast to the telecom boom when hundreds of startups were funded to compete for the same market share, today's more rational capital environment actually creates better return opportunities to those investors willing to think counter-cyclically and be on the leading edge of industry transformations.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Don't be afraid to think big. History has repeatedly shown that great companies built upon transformative ideas often emerge from economic downturns. Realize, however, that fund raising in such an environment takes perseverance, as capital efficiency weighs heavily in investor mindset. Seek out investors that resonate with your vision, understand what it takes to execute upon it, and are willing and able to support you through the process. The harder your investor makes you think, the better prepared you will be to tackle the challenges ahead.

The author of the article is Naimish Patel, Entrepreneur in Residence, General Catalyst Partners

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