The Sales Conundrum

Subash Menon
Subash Menon

Step 2: This was the hardest step. We decided to pull out of every case in the third group and that shrunk our pipeline considerably-almost by 80 percent. As any salesman would know, deciding to drop out of a race is not an easy move. But we believed that such a move was absolutely essential for us to conserve our resources and invest them in the right places - where we stood the best chance of winning. This resulted in a few opportunities (the first and the second groups) that we would focus on.

Step 3: Herein, we approached the whittled down group and created substantial awareness about the company among the senior managers and the decision makers. Focus was the name of the game.

Needless to say, we started seeing returns within a very short span of time. Suddenly, we were winning contracts and the morale went up. The latter had a strong effect and the win ratio increased. We had learnt the importance of focus and have practiced this process ever since. The method is to qualify every sales opportunity rigorously and then to focus on the top tier with all our might and resources at our disposal. This has proved to be a wonderful and successful approach for us. The result vindicates the soundness of our approach.

Today, the Subex fraud management system has the highest number of installations (over 150 customers across 70 countries) among all the competing products.

The author is Founder Chairman, Managing Director & CEO of Subex Azure.
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Reader's comments(3)
1: Thanks for sharing such a valuable info in an open forum.
i wish Subash Menon very best in the coming days
Posted by:Rajesh Ravilisetti - 05 Nov, 2009
2: It would help learners like us, if Mr. Subhash could tell us, what exactly did he do on the ground... to make the decision makers know subex?
Is it like he sent them mailers, he sent them gifts, he sent his sales guys more frequently to them, he met them on the golf course....? what is the core act that clicked for the company.
Please let us know.
Best wishes,
Posted by:Imtiaz Kalburgi - 08 Jul, 2009
3: Superb Subhash! Thanks for the post!
Posted by:Ravi Janardhan - 26 May, 2009

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