Personal Branding For Job Seekers: Beyond The 8.5

Suki Shah
Suki Shah
CEO and Co-Founder, 
Suki Shah is the Co-Founder and CEO of GetHired.com, a video based social recruiting platform. The company was launched in January this year and has raised $1.75 million in its seed round of funding from private angel networks. Prior to this he was the CEO and Co-Founder at Statacor Biosciences. Shah holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Georgetown University, The McDonough School of Business.

Employers are looking for job seekers who have created a strong personal brand. As a job seeker, how you market yourself to employers can make or break your job search. With the burgeoning popularity of social media, many job seekers believe that signing in to the most popular social networking sites – including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter – is the obvious first step in building their personal brand.

As their job search continues, these job seekers spend some time following industry leaders in their designated field. The posts strategically align the job seekers' updates with their expertise. And, before long, they receive attention from potential employers, start interviewing and eventually start working again. But, if you are a job seeker who has created a personal brand specifically to further your job search, you need to think carefully about maintaining your personal brand even after your job search is over. Left unattended while you re-join the ranks of the employed, your posts and comments will quickly become outdated; and, even though you might be working, your personal brand will no longer be working for you. That means that you expended all sorts of effort during your job search that you are allowing to go to waste – and if suddenly find yourself unemployed again, you have to start from scratch.

Countless experts suggest the importance of keeping your social networks professional and active, and many tout the impact that a well-worded blog can have on your image. But, in today's age of innovation, everyone needs to work on developing their personal brand – whether they are employed or not. Our online presence is quickly becoming something that defines us, and no one wants to be extinct.

Seventy-five percent of people who are currently employed are actually passive job seekers who are open to being recruited by top employers and moving to positions with better pay and better benefits. This means that, whether you have a job or not, the job market is competitive. So how can you differentiate yourself and continue to build a solid personal brand?
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