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Dheeraj Juneja
Dheeraj Juneja
CEO and Founder , 
Loginworks Softwares
Dheeraj Juneja is the CEO and Founder of Loginworks Softwares, a software development company that uses latest technology with their Web Scrapping service and web data extraction service. Prior to founding Loginworks, Juneja was the IT Manager at eMobile, team lead at Perot Systems TSI and Senior Developer at ValueResearch Online.

The age old problem of emails is now being finally addressed by many companies across the globe. Employees were spending long hours just checking their emails, finding them and replying to them and in the process, losing out on productivity. It is time to think differently.

Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos was in news lately for banning emails in office and replacing it with social media tools, the telephone and face-to-face conversations. It is quite interesting when you dig deep into this. He cited, how emails waste time:

The "deluge" of information that plagues organizations
The need to review "useless" emails and the time it takes to get focused again on important tasks
The "pile" of email that employees end up sorting through after hours and the associated drain on employees’ personal time

If you agree with what he said, I feel you wouldn't agree less that communication management is of utmost importance to any internal communication or while communicating with clients and the outside world. However, not really brought to light or paid significant attention with always too much to do and too little time for it.

Some companies have changed mindset and organised all communications into projects and tasks using various project management solutions that are available on net. They beautiful manage all their work thinking that even communication problem is addressed but emails still exit and a pain point.

TaskTrek is a communication management solution that is available. It collaborate all communication via email and messages grouped under projects and tasks into one. Doing this, seemingly a transition takes place from emails to a more seamless communication (both internal and external) activities wise.Very natural and effective system to help collaborate on work related matters, and in turns helps save time, no duplication of work and more accountability.

Wouldn't it be fabulous if a user gets to view all messages sorted by 'message read but not replied to' or 'messages sent but no response yet' or the 'response time linked for any message'. What if these options are made available to every employee and to managers to view individual reports or team reports from a single window. My answer is, it would definitely shoot up the service levels for any service industry. It is not just email problem but a communication management problem that needs attention, and perfection of this kind that I'm hoping it would come around soon.
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