Lessons From My First Venture

Krishnan Ganesh
Krishnan Ganesh
Founder and CEO, 

I also learnt the importance of having a sound business strategy. Usually when you start a venture, you always start with passion and excitement. But it is equally important to build a business towards an objective. Without that objective, it is difficult to exit, scale or monetize any business. I did not do that in my first venture, but in all my subsequent ventures, I had one eye on the goal and we progressed towards it.

Turning The Constraints To Advantages
When you are an entrepreneur, you learn very fast about handling unexpected situations. During IT&T days, in the initial months we were scouting for our first corporate customer. As a startup, companies were unwilling shift their computer maintenance from established names like Wipro and HCL to a new company. One of the top Indian companies wanted to visit our office as a part of their evaluation and due diligence. During the visit, the fact that we have just a one room office and one telephone line came up. But we positioned it as saying that we offer just single point of contact, one phone number for all their problems, will never put their call on hold (there was no facility for call holding!), we will not transfer their calls (there was no intercom system to transfer the call to!). This became a major differentiator, since none of the other companies could promise or claim this and we won the contract. This, in a light hearted way, demonstrated how you can turn your constraints to your advantage.

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