How To Benefit From The World Of Online Portals?

Rajesh Nagpal
Rajesh Nagpal
Managing Director, 
Service Uncle, Australia
Rajesh Nagpal is the Managing Director of service information portal, Service Uncle, Australia. The portal recently launched in India. A combination of B2B and B2C portals, it enables users to find information about services or service providers across the globe. The site categorizes information into various service categories affecting the daily lives of people. It also incorporates a feature where users can get information via email, SMS, or a help desk number.

An aged person carrying a 35mm film roll, containing pictures of his new born grandchild, to a photo-studio to get them developed and then send them through courier to his relatives!

A lady desperately flipping pages of telephone directory to find the number of logistics’ company who can move her household stuff, safely and timely!

There is a long queue in front of an airlines office to book flight tickets!

Parents searching for a right groom for their beloved daughter are fed-up going through newspaper ads which have a limited reach!

With scenarios like above, do you think that I am taking you back to the stone-age? Well, then let’s see how things have changed now …

In the first scenario, pictures are now clicked with a simple digital camera and posted on social online portals like Facebook for everyone to see. No need to spend money on roll development, printing & courier!

In the second scenario, a portal like Service Uncle, Australia provides information on all the Service Providers that you are looking for in any city across the world, thereby making life much easier since it’s easier to go to any shopping mall to buy products, but extremely difficult to get information on various Services, that too under one roof.

In the third scenario, travel portals not only helps you in purchasing airline tickets, but also give access to some special deals on hotel bookings as well.

In the fourth scenario, matrimonial portals provide a data base that covers not only regional, but also national and even international.

Welcome to the world of online portals! In simple terms, a portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. With a click of a button, you can buy products, avail services, create networks and what not?

Generally, portals are categorized majorly into following …

Search portals: Anyone who doesn’t know the name of Google may please raise his hand!
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4: Nice article. Yes these portals are very helpful in our life. These portals are better than a friend as they help us to connect with our friends and better than a book, because its easy to find any topic in a 1000 pages e-book.
Posted by:Ritesh Joshi - 06 Mar, 2012

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