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Vinay Shukla

Vinay Shukla


Short Description

Good Entrepreneurs know things instinctively and trust their gut. They back up their instinct with discipline, creativity, and some amount of paranoia.

Brief about company, offerings and foundation of the company

Endeavour – The Mobility Company was founded in 2002, and is one of the exclusively focused Mobility services companies worldwide. Endeavour provides niche services towards building Enterprise and Consumer Mobility Solutions through the right blend of consulting, design, software development, testing, and deployment. Our Enterprise Mobility Services portfolio includes professional services to establish an enterprise mobile strategy and is comprised of business consulting, tools, scenario assessment, and cost benefit analysis. Endeavour also offers implementation services for mobilization of workflows, analytics, business processes, mobile application development, end-to-end security, and networking.  Over the past decade, Endeavour has served more than 350 customers worldwide and has assisted in leveraging mobility across various industry verticals including fortune 500/100 companies, government organizations, and large enterprises. Endeavour is backed by leading private equity firm Basil Partners and is led by a global multicultural team.

Risks involved in business and way of addressing

The core value proposition of Endeavour is our specialization in Mobility. This is our greatest strength and hence it is also the core of our greatest risk – in that we are unable to continuously sharpen our specialization. We have addressed this risk by: 1) Enabling our People - By enabling our people to keep pace with the latest in mobility technology and become thought leaders in their areas of specialization.2) Helping Customers - By proactively going to our customers and helping them drive business value from Mobile enablement.

Most critical decision

There have been many decisions over the past decade.  However, if one had to pick a critical decision that has helped shape our company, it would be our decision to NOT do work in areas not specifically focused on Mobility. There was a situation in 2005 where we had an option to bolster our revenue based on services work outside of our specialization of Mobility. At the same time, the Mobility revolution had not yet taken off in the way it did after 2007, so there was natural pressure to take on these projects. We looked at our options and decided that it was better for us to be a small but specialized company, rather than try to chase a sector that was already a “Red Ocean”. 

Some of the difficulties faced while building product/ solution

Not many people fundamentally realize that Mobility is not about the device. It’s not even about features. Mobility is about user behavior and user experience. Whether it’s the enterprise or the consumer segment, these fundamentals hold true. The key challenge in building a services organization focused entirely on Mobility has been: 1) Making our target segment and customers understand the above. 2) Putting people, processes, research, tools and technology into place at Endeavour to bring this to bear for our customers. This is easier said than done.  I am proud to have a team that has been able to respond to this challenge.

Different actions if I rebuild my company from scratch all over again

I would not do things differently at the macro level, but at a micro level there are many things I would do differently. Having said that, it is only in hindsight that it’s possible to make that statement, in foresight it’s not.

My thoughts related to entrepreneurship/ leadership and management
Motivation and Drives factor
The passion and trust my team shows in Endeavour and myself drives me to do better in my role at Endeavour.
Unique about my way of motivating troops

The fact that I am answerable to my team and my customers has created a level of trust that keeps everyone open and on the same page. 

Way of choosing my people

At Endeavour, we choose above all else, people who are passionate and believe in themselves. We want people who will go out on a limb to defend their conviction. After that we believe that nurturing talent is a matter of the right process and policies. While it would take a long time to discuss all of those policies, we have had great success with a formal learning and development cell in the organization headed by our experts. 

The challenges and lessons learnt to get first customer

Your first customer buys entirely because of YOU and YOUR TEAM. You must have the passion, the energy, and the demonstrated willingness to go the extra mile. Our first customer was an asset management company and we were charged with bringing Mobility to be bear to remove the commercial paper chain at play.

Experience of reaching out to potential investors

we are delighted to have Basil Partners  funding our growth.

My role at different dimensions as the company evolved

I think it’s taken on a more strategic focus over the last decade. While I was more involved in anything and everything in our early days – from project and account management to sales and marketing - today my role is more strategic in strengthening Endeavour’s growth.

As a leader how I make sure that I am connecting the right dots

No decision is right or wrong when it is made. It is the outcome that tells if you made a mistake. I believe it is ok to make mistakes but it is important to learn from them and convert them into opportunities. To me, a self-belief, discipline and gut feel drives me to connect those dots.

Best company I admire globally

I am always inspired by visionaries who changed the world with their innovations; those who lived for purpose. I admire Apple for the way they fought back to make up their lost ground against some of the most-established players in the mobile industry. They have not only redefined themselves and gained a strong foothold, but also challenged their competitors with some of the best mobile products the industry is now witnessing. We are seeing the start of the mobile evolution; I believe the best is yet to come. It will be interesting to see who will be the winner in this race.

Advice for fellow entrepreneurs

Good Entrepreneurs know things instinctively and trust their gut. They back up their instinct with discipline, creativity, and some amount of paranoia.