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Sonal Goyal

Sonal Goyal

Founder & CEO
Nube Technologies

Short Description

Sonal Goyal is a Founder and CEO of Nube Technologies.

Company Profile

Nube is a big data analysis product development company. We deal with data of the order of terabytes or more and help customers derive business value from semi structured, structured and completely unstructured data. We have two open source products for Big Data - Crux Reporting and Analysis, and HIHO for  ETL with RDBMS, Salesforce and other data stores, along with dedupilcation and merging of data. All our products are built on the open source Apache Hadoop stack, and we provide deployment, consulting and support around them.  We were founded in 2010 to cater to the growing need for making sense of the growing data by organizations of all size. We provide data science using cutting edge technology.

Risk Involved

The risk for a product company is always having a better or competing product in the market. So far, we havent encountered these risks as our offerings are unique and superior to the competition. Another risk is finding and retaining talent. To mitigate this, we have a built in training program for our new hires which gets them started. Avoiding distractions is also a big challenge, we are in a hot field and we have to stay very focused.

Major lesson encountered

A big lesson is that product marketing and packaging are as important as the product. Technologists tend to forget that very often and that is a big mistake. The second lesson is that you need to have people to share your dreams and your ideas, those who have the same passion or more for what you believe in. Its team effort at the end of the day. My third lesson is that if you create value, people will sit up and notice. 

Your motivation factor

Solving challenges and making a mark on the international technology space remain my highest goals. We want to ship world class software products out of India, thats a big drive. 

Summarize your current role
I do as lot of stuff at Nube and am involved in all major aspects. Over the years, the managerial and people facing role has increased and I have worked on my communication and presentation skills, people management and personal efficiency. I have also learnt to delegate more effectively.
Advice to young Entrepreneurs

I would say that if you love creating things and enjoy the journey rather than the destination, entrepreneurship is great. One does need a lot of patience and there may be some setbacks, but every iteration grows you up and teaches you so many things. Also, while we are in the corporate world as an employee, there are so many things we take for granted - office infrastructure, networks, administrative staff, sick and vacation time. But as an entrepreneur, all these are part of the parcel you have to deliver, and you deal with them on a daily basis. Eventually, its who you are and where you want to go.