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Satish N Kota

Satish N Kota


Short Description

TestimonialsFor is an Online Review and Testimonials Management system for Businesses to help them manage their testimonials, reviews, feedback and make them available in their website & social media. Our integrated Referral Management system helps the customers to give references when they give the testimonials. TestimonialsFor helps customers to reach a large customer base by use of its social graph and social referencing techniques. TestimonialsFor is the flagship product of Heurion Consulting Pvt Ltd which is an 7 year old IT Services company

Dealing with Challenges and Risks

One of the major risk that I had was TRUST and that was because of Wrong people in wrong place, which caused the company huge financial strain. We had to stop for some time, re-think, re-strategize, bring right people into different positions and again take off. We had to re-plan and re-identify our offerings to target businesses instead of individuals.

Important Career Decision

Initially when TestimonialsFor launched, it was a Testimonial Cloud for individuals, which means anybody could give a review and anybody could receive a review, This became like one another Review Website, Though we had our own advantages, people looked at it as another Review Site and the number of visitors started falling. Then we had to put a stop to our service and re-strategize it. We started looking at offering the same to businesses only. We spoke to businesses and found out how they managed reviews, We started building a Business Dashboard with options to create widgets for websites, plugins for facebook tabs and services to share testimonials. This actually started helping business to see a potential of getting their testimonials every where.

My Favorites

Being from a Middle class family, I always have admired the first generation entrepreneurs who built global businesses from nothing. I admire Dirubhai Ambani (Reliance) and Narayan Murthy (Infosys) a lot on those ends.

Lessons I Learnt
Build a Good and TRUST worthy team; If you are not sure about any person or not tested him/her, better don't keep them in the core team. Have Patience and Faith, Nothing happens on the day one. Don't get frustrated and neither allow others near you get frustrated or make you frustrated. Being Good or having Soft Corner does not work always. Be hard at times, and if work is not getting done; take that step and fire people but in that way you might lose some good people too, but if you don't do it, people will take advantage of you.
Motivational Factor
Willingness to do something big in life motivates me. And what Drives me is My faith and belief.
How I Lead
To motivate troops especially in the Services industry, it's very important that you do 3 small things Talk to people in their own language, make them feel that you are close to them Give small rewards for anything that's done not as part of job. It motivates them to do something better for the company Conduct monthly activity days. Play games, have a laugh and most importantly reward who wins in those games.
My View on Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is a very tedious job, it stresses you out very soon, keep yourselves calm as much as possible and patience is the name of the game. If you feel something is not going on correct, take a break, it will give you time to think the new way.
Reaching Out To Investors
Not much, I have not reached out to any investors till date, we have always being funding our product from our services business. Though I would be interested to talk to investors, Many of the people I have spoken to, have suggested to try and not touch VCs as they say they gobble you. However I am sure, I will be in need of investors as our target market is way too huge for us to do it just from our services business.
To Entrepreneurs and Innovators
Dream Big, but have patience until you reach there. The road is way too bumpy, If you believe in GOD, then Use him as your 'Trump Card' when you ask him at distress, he will find a solution for you. He is your psychology.