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Saeed Ahmed Khan

Saeed Ahmed Khan


Short Description

He is a Founder of sCytech

Company Profile

sCytech is software development and services company, started operations in January 2012.Our expertise lies in Mobile Adaptive Solutions for smartphones, especially Android. Along with native mobile applications, we also provide Mobile Web based solutions which can work irrespective of any mobile device, be it Symbian, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or even any China mobile.We also develop other kinds of applications like Workflow Systems, Microsites, Content Management Systems, eCommerce portals in Microsoft Technologies.We are focussing on leveraging the power of cloud computing. And in this direction, we are working with companies like efficloud to prvide cost effective and secured cloud based solutions to our customers.We are also committed to become a trusted name in the field of Mobile Solutions.

Leadership Qualities
The success or failure of any company depends upon the leadership of the Top Manager. For startups, entrepreuner is the Top Manager.The success roadmap of the startup is based on the vision of the entrepreauner. The good service with quality is the mantra for winning customers, and good financial management is the mantra for sustaining the tough economic conditions.
Reaching out Investors
Currently we are managing the funds internally. However, in future, We will reach out to our investors when funds are needed.
Company work Culture
We are still a baby and our culture is slowly developing. However, we are developing a culture where transparency and honesty must be a way of life while dealing with co-workers or customers. Other important aspect we focus is providing good service with quality.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
Till the time, order not coming in, hold the fort. Do not get distracted and be motivated and focus on your goals.