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Pradeep Lavania

Pradeep Lavania

Walking Tree Consultancy

Short Description

He is a Founder of Walking Tree Consultancy .

Company Profile

Walking Tree Consultancy ( WTC ) was founded in 2008, by Ajit Kumar, Alok Ranjan and myself with a dream of building a competent organization of people and the best company with Technology Products and Solutions with the best of the services to make our customers successful by giving them the required edge against their competition.

Addressing Risk

I see "failure" as the only risk :). But yes, more than the risks, there are challenges in achieving what you target to achieve for your customers, your organization and your people. It's a dramatically dynamic market and the level of competition makes it challenging to ensure growth. Some of the challenges that I can highlight are :a) Being on the leading edge of technology. You would be out performed very quickly by the competition if you do not remain on your toes all the time.b) Maintaining and growing the trust of your customers in your capabilities and partnership. You have to repetitively perform and deliver with predictability.c) Training and elevating the capability of your team members to delivery higher value with every project.d) Ensuring every individual ( partners/customers/employees/investors/etc ) continuously finds themselves being successful in your association.

Doing things differently
 No specific thought, I think what we have done and achieved so far, shows up as a high sense of satisfaction across associations we have and I think doing what you think is right and standing by it, is the most important aspect of business. The best part is the passion that, we had when we started and today, has simply grown and that is what I would desire all the time in business.
Motivating Employees
We as leaders at WTC, believe that if your team trusts the organization and Leadership, it would remain motivated. We also believe that the Business should be able to grow fast enough to assure the growth expectations of every team member right to the lowest level. Constantly challenging to deliver better and faster and doing things which are valued by our customers keeps the team going. One of the key focus area is to ensure that the team is "enabled" enough to deliver what they are expected to deliver. Plenty of opportunity and rewarding culture with certain flexibilities to keep balance when needed, does the trick.
Making Right Decisions
We are three partners/Co-Founders in the company with defined roles and focus areas. I think having our own focus areas, helps us to take accountability and delivery successfully. Also, opportunity to debate among ourselves prior to freezing any decision ( could be related to finance/investment/customers/process/technology/HR/Business Direction/etc ) helps us to uncover a lot of aspects that otherwise could come out as risks. we also have associations with some highly senior/experienced folks in the Industry as Advisors who help us with guidance in matters related to Business/Finance, Technology and HR. That surely helps as an independent review of where we are going and identifying the risks early.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
In my view, identify the passion you have, set the goals and keep moving. You are bound to be challenged by adversities, but your passion is what keeps you strong enough to seek opportunities in adversities. Never give up your belief in what is right, for the challenges that you may see. Learn to handle and share success, because that is what brings more success.From a business perspective, "Start Small and Scale up fast". Start with what you think you are the best, achieve the required success and then scale up "fast" on top of it.