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Payal Doshi

Payal Doshi

Prime Softech Solutions

Short Description

She is a Founder of Prime Softech Solutions.

Company Profile

Prime was found in August 2011 with an aim to take quality education to nooks and corners of India through the medium of Internet. We decided to start this effort by launching 'PREXAM' which an Online Test Series, initially started with commerce courses and now expanding to other branches as well. PREXAM allows students to customize their own tests, view performance reports and points out their weak areas and allows them to retake test on the questions they have answered incorrectly. PREXAM now has 5000+ registered students from all states of India.

Most Critical Decision

Prime was started with an aspiration to be only in to product development. When PREXAM was launched we decided to keep it for free until we have good number of students. But this meant there would be no cash inflow until then. Funds were essential to grow and hence when we were approached by other companies to provide similar educational services, we moved into the service sector and did provide software solutions. This was indeed a critical decision.

Doing things Differently
Nothing as of yet. I believe in thinking before taking decisions and never look back once decision has been taken but rather work hard to make it the most appropriate one.
Choosing People
When looking out for technical staff, I look for someone who is passionate to try and learn new things. At a startup like Prime, lot of innovation is required to stand out of the crowd and staff has to be ready to take up any challenges. While looking for non -technical staff, I would look for sincerity in work which I feel is more important. All members at Prime work together as a team and everyone is always encouraged to bring in new ideas. Some of the features in PREXAM were brought up by the staff and were included in the product.
Making right Decisions
As a leader, my main job is to handle the team and make right decision for both the company and the team. I try to involve the concerned staff members in the decision making process. This helps in two ways; when decisions are made they are taken thoughtfully considering more possibilities than I can think of alone and the team members develop a sense of belonging to the company. Each decision is made only after calculating its feasibility and associated risks.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur most important thing is to believe in yourself and your ideas and dedicated efforts to get these ideas working. Patience is the most important quality when you are starting something new because it would take time to bring back returns.