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Mehroz Ali Pasha

Mehroz Ali Pasha

Microx Solutions

Short Description

As an leader its very important that you have a decision making capabilities at right time and in right direction. So, it’s become evidently necessary that your decisions have faith and support of your team.

Brief about company, offerings and foundation of the company

Microx Solutions is a young and dynamic company offering innovative web development, mobile apps development, SEO Services and venturing into Manpower/ Sales force Tracking domain soon which would be the unique concept in India.Though the idea of founding a company was on my mind since my MBA days at HBTI-Kanpur but it became more firm when i got selected in an HR firm where i got an opportunity to interact with industry leaders for leadership hiring. It gave me required exposure, hence, Microx Solutions came onto being in November 2009 along with three other partners in our one room flat with one desktop and a borrowed laptop from the friend as we hardly have any money to buy a computer or rent an office space. 

Unique about my way of motivating troops

I simply ask them, you are the owner of your assigned project, make plans the best way you can.  In my view if your team has the sense of ownership, you need not to give them any other motivation booster. 

Most critical decision

I think leaving a job was very critical and sensitive decision, considering we did not have money to start a company and I had a family which would need monitory support from me as being part of Indian middle class. As I said, we did not have money to even purchase the computers for our own use. I had 7000 rupees in my account which was about to exhaust due to internet connection etc. First I quit the job and one more partner who was programmer left his job. We had in our mind that we could not survive without projects and money for long. So we had decided to try our hands in international market for quick cash flow through free project market places. For our encouragement we beg a project of $100 for website maintenance in January 2010. This made our belief stronger to take Microx Solutions next level.I would really like to give credit to many friends those helped us big way without asking for their due credit. Thank you all.  

As a leader how I make sure that I am connecting the right dots

As an leader its very important that you have a decision making capabilities at right time and in right direction. So, it’s become evidently necessary that your decisions have faith and support of your team. One must take team in confidence before making big and strategic decisions.  

Some of the difficulties faced while building product/ solution
We largely remain an IT servicing company which was focusing to provide customized solutions in Web and mobile apps development domain. We were operating in International market which would need 24*7 support which means hiring additional support resources which was not possible that time. So, we all partner keep rotating our shifts, so that we can give instant support to our clients. The model yielded great results, we started getting business through our client referrals due to our quality of work and support which was not that great in the web development Industry (SME) in India.  
My role at different dimensions as the company evolved
When organization grows, your team grows which need to change in roles as well. When we started the company, I was the business developer, HR, tester, spoke for operations and clients, project manager and even an office boy as well.  I am lucky to have great team in form of board room and employees. We have a culture of strong values, mutual belief and respect. Now my role has changed from spoke for everything to investor of time in new ideas, acquisition of new clients. I still love to work in any role. 
Different actions if I rebuild my company from scratch all over again
I would take up services and product development side by side. I would not like to wait to reach in comfortable position to develop my own products. 
Risks involved in business and way of addressing
Being into an IT-service industry which is highly competitive and ever changing technological and global economic environment make us remain alert and up to date with the pace IT world changing.   So, we keep our R&D department on toes to keep company on track as far as the technological advancements are concerned.Approximately 90% of our business comes from North America and Europe which remain highly volatile since we established the company in 2009 but fortunately we always have projects to keep propelling company with ease. But we have realized that’s not the one ball game to play and we had been missing great business opportunities in our own backyard. So, we have specifically form a dynamic sales team for domestic business to keep our cash flow in positive and comfortable situation from both domestic and International markets.  
Best company I admire globally
I really like the way TCS working. They have great value chain which keep the calm while they are really aggressive in their approach for the business.
Motivation and Drives factor
New ideas keeps me motivating and shaking up to do new and challenging things in a way which leads to the benefit of my clients and ultimately society as a whole as our vision states. Off course, plan and expectations for achieving new heights drives our team to work in more focused way. The zeal which is being generated to achieve common goals is most important motivating factor.    
Way of choosing my people
Zeal for leaning is the prime parameter for us. Person must have an analytical bend of mind, self-motivated, rest we make them learn to be a great IT professional.
Experience of reaching out to potential investors
we have not yet approached any investor. 
My thoughts related to entrepreneurship/ leadership and management
Yeah, have a vision supported by concrete and effective planning. You must believe in your vision blindly and thoroughly. 
Advice for fellow entrepreneurs
Have untiring and unending faith in your dreams; resource will keep coming their own to make your dreams reality.