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Kirtan Thaker

Kirtan Thaker

White Lotus Corporation

Short Description

He is a Co-Founder of White Lotus Corporation.

Company Profile

White Lotus Corporation is founded by three college friends I, Hardik Patel and Sunil Chavda who started their journey on 20th Jan, 2012. However, the idea to begin this venture roused in our minds on 19th Nov, 2010 when we official registered our business.

INGENIOUS, INNOVATION, INTEGRITY, IMPECCABLE and INVINCIBLE is our 5i principle which drives and defines White Lotus Corp. We envision ourselves to see as leaders of tomorrow by our continuous dedication and spirit to work for the global clients.

Our Vision is to "To see our organization accredited as world’s most valued and professional IT service provider by preserving our value system, integrity with innovation and quality services".

Our major services includes Mobile Application Development for the enterprise business, Websites and Web Applications development and Internet Marketing.

I have learned to be positive in actions and efforts. A solid determination to make things happen what you have desired is what needed. I have learned not to give up and hence foresee mistakes as future opportunities which will help you to grow.
We got our first customer through business portals. Correct pricing is always a challenging job in these hyper competitive world and convincing your client to choose us and not the other was a learning as well as a challenging job at that point of time.
Choosing People
We choose our team based on his/her knowledge of the field, their curiosity as well as adaptability to work on challenging job and lastly their intention to work. Off course we inspire them, nurture them and also appreciate their hard work.

Leadership Qualities
For me entrepreneurship is an art of cultivating more and more leadership skills within you. I strongly believe that giving 100% percent quality work is the least requirement for any business to sustain in their respective field. Hence, if you are giving 100% quality than you are not doing anything new. But yes, this will surely give you repeat business which is a by product of quality work, correct pricing and customer relationship. So your efforts should always be in preserving your commitments.